Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Talk Kristen Doute, The Miami Girl Ambush, And Stassi Schroeder!

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix - plaid jacket

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are constantly having their relationship questioned, and dismantled by stalking ex-girlfriends with less-than-coherent recollections of the past. 

The Vanderpump Rules couple, who is still very-much together despite all of Kristen Doute‘s attempts, is speaking out about dealing with Kristen, what Ariana thinks of Scheana Marie‘s ‘friendship,’ Miami girl, and if Stassi Schroeder is really the bitch she plays on TV.

First on Stassi, Tom 1 has a “huge issue” with how she treated Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. “She overstepped her boundaries of a friendship,” he says. “She took it too far but I wouldn’t expect anything less from her. I’ve known her for years and I’ve seen the way she handles situations—including when Jax was trying to get her back last season. She loved and relished in him groveling at her feet. It’s a common thing with Stassi.” 


“She projected such jaded and opinionated things toward Katie when she was in such a vulnerable state dealing with Schwartz,” Tom believes. “I know for a fact Katie tried to reach out to Stassi and she was flat out not responding.” Katie verified she texted Stassi

Moving on to the question everyone is asking: What about the Koo-Krazy that is Kritter-Kristen?

 “Kristen lives in an alternate reality and lacks self-awareness,” Tom describes to Popdust. “I tried everything to get her to move on. I don’t feel like I was dealing with a rational human being.” 

Meanwhile Ariana reveals that if she had known the full-extent of Kristen’s behavior, including making violent statements about her, she would have taken stronger action. Unfortunately, Ariana hadn’t known these things were happening. “We didn’t have any idea it was that bad until we watched the show,” admits Ariana.

“Had I been aware of the things Kristen said about me, including holding a knife, I would have totally taken legal action,” Ariana states. “It’s five months later now, so it’s hard to take that to court, but if I were aware at the time I most definitely would have taken legal action.” 

“I mean, she punched people at my best friend’s birthday party, so I don’t think her becoming violent is that far out of the picture!” Ariana continues. “There’s no being nice to her. She just doesn’t get it, so its better that I don’t associate at all.” 

Ariana says wen they were filming in Miami for Scheana’s bachelorette, she decided not to discuss the Kristen issues with her. “I honestly didn’t hear any of the things Kristen said in Miami, including the physical threats,” Ariana admits, so she didn’t realize how crazy Kristen was behaving.

Scheana is an optimist and just thought it wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it actually was,” describes Ariana. “I knew it wasn’t something that I was going to discuss with her there and ruin the trip.”

As for Tom’s attempt to reason with Kristen, he says it was a failed-effort to move-on. “I was completely shocked and disappointed at how she took that conversation and totally manipulated the situation. She essentially preyed on weakness. All I wanted was closure.”

Tom says he even reached out to James Kennedy to try and quell Kristen’s behavior. “Prior to my conversation with Kristen in Miami, I very respectfully asked James if I could speak to Kristen. After that, James was upset, but I reassured him that all we talked about was stopping the drama and respecting each other.” Tom describes Kristen and James’ relationship as “tumultuous” and says Kristen has decimated past friendships.”Pretty much all of them have had falling-outs with her at this point.” 

On Annemarie Kunkel‘s (aka, Miami Girl) accusations against Tom

Ariana is frustrated by not only how the situation was portrayed, but that a large swath of the story was omitted by Bravo, and that people are making judgements about what happened based on that (which she understands). “I lived through that ‘Miami night,'” Ariana reminds us. “I had multiple phone conversations with Tom. Nothing she or Kristen says adds up.” Are we ever gonna get the TRUE story, here?!

“I have never questioned the situation because I know what happened that night. I trust Tom,” Ariana continues. “I don’t just believe anything. Tom is such a good guy and so genuine. You have to keep in mind that we’re making a show. You have to take it all with a grain of salt.” 

“It’s frustrating for both of us because it makes Ariana look naive and it makes me look untrustworthy,” Tom agrees.

“A lot of facts were left out,” Tom maintains. “The girl sold a story to a tabloid for money, yet everything was spun for people to think it was my word against hers.” Tom also stated these same sentiments on WWHL, and Andy did not deny that portions of the story weren’t included in the final edit. 

“It’s funny, because any other time on the show they have no problem showing something in order to prove something to be true—such as a ‘beamerselfie’ or screen shots of texts messages,” Tom asserts. “But, for some reason, when they make reference toward a text message conversation and a selfie I supposedly sent this girl, it’s conveniently left out. As the viewer your imagination runs wild thinking I sent shirtless selfies, but I absolutely did not.” 

Sadly, according to Tom and Ariana, Kristen still hasn’t gotten over Tom – a sentiment echoed by Lisa Vanderpump, who believes Kristen will always be obsessing over Tom. “A friend of mine last week overheard Kristen talking about me at a club,” Ariana says. 


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