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Kristen Doute was fired from SUR and although she’s happy to be moving on, she admits she has some major regrets about this season of Vanderpump Rules which she refers to as “the worst!” 

After involving herself in Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix‘s relationship to the point of unhealthy obsession and total stalking, Kristen insists she wasn’t as crazy as she appeared. Stating that she was still in love with Tom during filming, she describes,”At the time… I didn’t want to be with Tom – although it’s edited that way based on the things said – but at the time, we had only been broken for six months. For me that just wasn’t enough time, and he just moved on more quickly.”



“Yes, I know I was with James – and we are still together – James was also very understanding about the time it was taking me,” Kristen adds. “Because in a normal world you don’t have to be around your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend all of the time.”

Kristen describes this season as “somehow worse than last season” regarding how editors have portrayed her antics as villainous and the reaction from viewers.

While Kristen is not, as we now know, still working at SUR (she reportedly has appeared for shifts here and there to maintain the allure of the show), she calls the experience of serving food after people have watched you on TV “surreal – actually SUR-real,” she jokes. “It’s kind of like being a caged animal, but, on the other side of it, without the fans we wouldn’t have a show.” 

Kristen explains that the genesis of Vanderpump Rules started with Lisa Vanderpump being offered a spinoff and deciding it should center around SUR, which resulted in her interviewing all the staff members to find out who had the most drama, which turned into a pilot. 

“Everyone [at SUR] had an opportunity” to be cast, Kristen explains, “The dynamics of Stassi, Katie, and I with Tom, Tom, and Jax was just something that you couldn’t make up or script or cast. We were just like a trifecta of crazy couples.” 

Naturally we now know that reality TV has majorly evolved those friendships and relationships – and Kristen does acknowledge she has some serious regrets, namely sleeping with Jax Taylor, but also inserting herself in Tom and Ariana’s relationship and coordinating with Miami Girl, Annemarie Kunkel.

For Kristen a large part of the issue, was that because of the show and SUR, she was forced to be around Tom and Ariana and she obviously did not handle it well. Which is how the mess with Miami Girl started… 

Kristen maintains, despite appearances, she did not conspire with Annemarie to confront Tom 1. “She invited herself to SUR. All I did was really facilitate, like yeah ‘He’s working tonight. I’m gonna be there with a girlfriend for birthday drinks – do your thing,'” Kristen insists to On With Mario Lopez.

“Chasing Ariana… I regret. I wish I hadn’t have followed them. In hindsight, it’s not whether or not he did it – which I believe he did – it was really like, why was it my place to play God? Scheana says this a lot, ‘If Tom and Ariana don’t care, why do you care?‘ It’s the only credit I’ll give Scheana.” 

“For me, it was like the whole cast, and all of my friends, were saying I was this liar, and making all these rumors up, and working with this girl to create these – and that wasn’t the case at all,” continues Kristen.  

“This whole Miami scandal it’s not completely over yet. Somebody else, in the cast, comes out of the woodwork to reveal some truths to it. Someone was present…” Kristen hints. Oddly, she seems to be inferring that it’s not actually TOM 1 who is in the hot seat this time! 

Also, Kristen reveals the Vanderpump Rules reunion films next Friday and she is “anxious.” I finally get to speak my piece,” she says, revealing that other than James she doesn’t talk to anyone else from the show. “I am cordial with Stassi. I think she gets a lot of bad blood. She and Katie have something to work out at the reunion, but I don’t really see what she’s done to anyone else.” As for Jax, Kristen comments “If Jax doesn’t have something against you, he’ll make it up.” 

As a fun aside, Kristen dishes that Britney Spears and Madonna are both fans of SUR and come in all the time! She’s also served Clive Owens, John Fogerty, and many other A-listers. So guess it sounds like the Vanderpump-Todds’ restaurant business is pretty damn legit! 


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