Kristen Doute Says Lisa Vanderpump Has A Vendetta Against; Admits Getting Involved With Miami Girl Was A Mistake

Kristen Doute was fired from SUR, but that doesn’t mean it was her fault. In actuality Lisa Vanderpump just like hates her! I mean, can you blame Lisa?

Actually the Vanderpump Rules star admits she was ready to move on and although Lisa has never particularly liked her, Kritter will concede that Lisa has changed her life for the better and that her behavior was pretty inexcusable. Sort of. 

“I do think that Lisa has a little bit of a vendetta against me. She doesn’t like me. We don’t get along. Our personalities just clash,” Kristen declares. “I think Lisa took some joy in doing it. I don’t think she would have had it any other way.” 


Despite their rocky relationship, Kristen still sees Lisa and things are amicable. “I go to SUR once in a while, I go to PUMP when James is DJ’ing. Now that she’s not my boss anymore, I can just look at her as someone who guided me.” 

“I wouldn’t have any of this without her,” Kristen acknowledges. “So as much I’m not her [Lisa’s] biggest fan and vice-versa, I’m grateful for all the opportunities she’s given me.” See Stassi Schroeder – even KRISTEN understands being publicly grateful. 

Kristen reveals she suspected she’d be getting fired (but “not until that day.”), however she was still shocked when it happened. “I had this weird feeling and I happened to walk by the VIP room in the lounge and I saw Lisa sitting with Ken and Guillermo and Nathalie—their business partners—and my manager Diana sitting at the table and I thought to myself, ‘Oh no, this isn’t good.’ I had a feeling it was about me.” 

In hindsight Kristen is relieved that Lisa cut the cord and she has been able to move on. “I definitely think I should have quit a long time ago so it didn’t get to the place that it did. My time was up. It was a great gig, but ultimately it stopped me from moving forward. I was pissed when the firing happened, [but] it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. ” 

“The place was really getting to me, especially having to work with Tom and Ariana, it was just eating away at me every day,” Kristen says, stating the obvious. “I’m glad I don’t work there anymore but I’m not proud of the fact I got fired. It’s embarrassing.” Getting FIRED is what embarrasses her?! Of all her nonsense, it’s getting FIRED she’s embarrassed about. OK, then! 

On the bright-side, Kristen says leaving SUR has allowed her focus on her t-shirt line, and also a vegetarian lifestyle blog she’s started. “It’s nice to put my energy into positive things rather than going into SUR and dealing with all that negative energy. So really, I have to thank Lisa.” 

Kristen still feels badly about cussing out her manager Diana and maintains the scene was misrepresented in the show. “After the argument with Diana I apologized to her profusely, both as my friend and as my manager. I knew I was completely out of line and reacted impulsively toward her  that day.” 

“While Lisa claimed that I didn’t admit to screwing up –I actually did but of course that didn’t make the final cut,” Kristen recounts to E! News. “I didn’t orchestrate the Miami girl coming to SUR. She flew herself to LA and the confrontation had to take place somewhere, right? Hindsight is 20/20. In retrospect, I really wish that I had not even sat down with Miami girl in the first place.” 

With all that has happened, Kristen is positive she’d return for a 4th season and pull a Stassi Schroeder as the girl who has left SUR, but not really. “At this point, we’re three years in and everything that I’ve been through, I put my life on the line for everyone to see. I’d want to continue the journey,” Kristen describes.

“I don’t want to throw everything away just because I don’t work at SUR. If there’s a fourth season, I hope they’ll ask me back,” says Kristen. I personally think there’s probably enough crazies at SUR that producers wouldn’t need Kristen – I mean look how it panned out with Stassi.

Although I have to say the drama with Kristen and Stassi, while they were working at SUR, always seemed incredibly unscripted and authentic  – which is part of the magic of Vanderpump Rules, so maybe Kristen still has it in her. I’m sure if Tom and Ariana get married she’d be able to muster up the legit crazy! 


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