Reality TV Stars Cynthia Bailey
She’s hot and she’s cold…” that’s Cynthia Bailey‘s theme song right?! After burning their friendship contract, Cynthia says she still has love in her heart for NeNe Leakes and is “optimistic” they can move forward eventually. 

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star reveals all hope is not lost between the two former besties and Cynthia believes in that that someday over the rainbow when they can make amends – even though she believes NeNe and herself will never “be close friends again.”


“I feel like in my heart, one day we can get to that place where we can just hug it out and move on. I don’t really have any ill-will toward her,” declares Cynthia. “I can’t do that to myself. I can’t sit here and just have all this anger for someone. It’s just not who I am. That affects my energy [and] my karma. I don’t choose negativity. I’m always going to choose positivity and light.”

Cynthia has decided to be forgiving because of NeNe because she doesn’t hold herself accountable for their friendship breech. The friendship drama which started with NeNe calling Peachter a “bitch” and featured Cynthia accusing NeNe of making her marriage worse. Is it because she was comparing Pay Day Loan Peachter to ever-devoted basement troll, Gregg?

“I never really did anything to her in the first place. I’ve never really bashed her. I was still optimistic [on the show] that we could coexist and be cordial and respectful to each other in a working environment since we don’t have the luxury of not being and never seeing each other,” Cynthia told Hollywood Life about NeNe

Cynthia admits that co-starring on RHOA with NeNewell, at least for now! – makes things harder but she believes they should try to get along. “Usually, if I stop being friends with you, I don’t have to ever see you again, but if we work together, I think as grown women, we should be able to respect each there and say ‘Hello, hi I like your necklace, nice watch,’ and just keep moving.”

Yes, yes – keep it moving. That is excellent advice for Clawdia Jordan

While I have my doubts that NeNe and Cynthia can ever become friends again, but stranger things have happened. Like Wigs N Cigs closing her legs to married men, getting hitched to Kroy, and forgiving NeNe for calling her a hooker and threatening to pluck her eyes out. But yeah, I still don’t think Cynthia deserves even that much attention from NeNe! 

cynthia bailey burns the friend contract signed by nene leakes

However Cynthia I caution to keep NeNe’s name out of her mouth lest she be slapped with a cease & desist letter of her very own. Oh! She can burn it in the sink! 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo & BravoTV]