Kyle Richards Says She Can’t Do “Anything Right” In Kim Richards’ Eyes!

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Kyle Richards has had, if you could call it that, a sudden turn of good fortune in the eyes of viewers of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – all thanks to Brandi Glanville‘s intrusion into Kyle’s twisted-sisterhood with the despotic Kim Richards! Now enough with the preaching, and on to the snark!

Kyle was forced to work together with Brandi on Yolanda Foster‘s UnAmazing Caloric Consumption Race. Kyle was the only Housewife who was excited to drink a milkshake and admits she got “unexpectedly into” the scavenger hunt. Unfortunately… the scavenger hunt turned out to be the HIGH POINT of the group’s adventures to Calgary and Amsterdam. 

“I had to laugh, because all the women were tortured to have to actually drink a shake! Hehe!” Kyle joked. Yes, particularly Yolanda – she’s probably in a Hyperbaric chamber for PTSD treatment over almost tasting chocolate. 


Kyle adds that her Dream Team experience “certainly wasn’t going to repair the issues between Brandi and me, but we both went along with the game. At this point I was relieved we could actually be in the same room and be civil, even though I knew we would never be friends.”

“I had to laugh when Brandi said ‘Aggressive Spice’ to the girls outside of Villa Blanca. Hey! That’s my line that I used on HER. Haha,” YES KYLE – everything is about you. YES KYLE – we haven’t forgotten that you need attention for being witty, and fun, and special and smart. Yes, Kyle – we haven’t forgotten you can afford Chanel. 

“All in all, I think it was a great idea and something none of us had ever done (except for Lisa R.),” Kyle compliments. “It was all worth it (or so we thought it would be), because the reward was a trip to Amsterdam! I had never been and always wanted to go. Of course I had imagined going with Mauricio, but I thought it would be fun–at least with most of the girls.” 

And now… onto that trip. First up, Kyle has NO IDEA why Kim launched on Lisa Rinna like a geriatric viper when they were supposed to be enjoying the many splendor-ed things of the YoDa Aeronautic Penthouse. Giving back-story, Kyle says she advised Kim to confront Lipsa privately, which Kim confused with ‘in front of Babyface.’ 

Kim had expressed to me privately that she wasn’t happy with Lisa R. I told Kim Lisa was worried, and Brandi told Kim she was questioning her sobriety after poker night,” Kyle says. “Knowing what we know now, it’s frustrating watching Brandi not explain her role in that conversation.”

Lisa R. had actually gone to talk to Brandi about HER behavior, and Brandi quickly turned it around and made it about Kim,” reminds Kyle. “Brandi also expressed concern and revealed things that I know Kim wouldn’t appreciate, and yet she went to Kim and said, ‘I just want you to know what Lisa R. has been saying.'” Aaaahhh… Brandi two-faced? Kim lapping it up like spilled Bailey’s Irish Cream? You don’t say!

“When Kim and I discussed her issues with Lisa R., I told Kim she should pull her aside privately and let her know that while she appreciates the concern, she didn’t appreciate her talking about it to other people,” Kyle insists. “I said that Lisa R. would understand, and the issue would be dropped.”

Kyle has no idea how that advice was misconstrued. Maybe it’s because Kim confuses a caftan with a hat and Brandi with a friend? “As soon as we arrived to the plane, Kim was giving Lisa the cold shoulder,” Kyle continues. “When Kim and Lisa R. started getting into it, I wanted to get a parachute and jump off the plane. It was so uncomfortable being stuck in between the two of them. Kim was then mad at me for looking uncomfortable.”

Kyle reveals that the argument set the tone for Kim’s behavior throughout the entire trip. And now onto how Kyle lost her Louis Fauxton Luggage and ruined everyone’s entire vacation! 

When we arrived in Amsterdam we stopped for a moment to use the restroom, and I set my bag aside, and then we resumed walking out. After we were downstairs, I realized I had left my bag there,” Kyle writes. “I felt terrible and told the girls to go ahead, but they decided to wait.”

“Brandi and Kim were clearly annoyed with me, but it was an accident. What can I say? We were all jet lagged, and I wasn’t exactly at my sharpest,” she continues. Kyle – don’t apologize for operating on Level Kim.  

“The topper was when we all crashed on the escalator and Brandi actually hurt her leg. It didn’t look like that big of a deal on camera, but it was actually scary,” Kyle adds. “It was a full escalator, and we were all starting to pile on top of each other. Luckily someone hit the stop button.” I thought it looked scary – I’ve been on those things and if you can’t get your luggage loaded correctly it’s a mess! The Dutch are clearly smarter than the Americans. 

“Outside, Kim turned to me and snapped at me again. First she said I blamed her for the escalator mishap (which I did not), then said whenever she’s late I laugh at her and leave her,” Kyle continues. “She was referring to Season 2 when we were going to Hawaii, and she left her passport and missed the flight. I never laughed and made fun of her. I was frustrated and couldn’t exactly make the plane wait for her. I couldn’t do anything right in my sister’s eyes and things only get worse from here on.”

Kyle also warns us that next week is “the most intense moment we have ever had in five seasons” when Beverly Hills Horror Story: The Damning of Amsterdam continues! 


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