Lisa Vanderpump Worries Friction With Brandi Glanville May Destroy Kyle Richards Relationship With Kim!

Lisa Vanderpump 2015 Miss Universe Judge

This season Lisa Vanderpump has (so far) found herself avoiding the center of drama, but unfortunately her new-old friend Kyle Richards is right in the thick of things. Lisa speaks-out on Brandi Glanville‘s thoughtless behavior, why she does not want to confront Kim Richards about her sobriety, and defends her friendship to Mohamed Hadid

Referring to Kyle’s relationship with Brandi as coming “full circle,” Lisa is sympathetic to how that is negatively affecting things with Kim. “I understand clearly that she is having a troubled time reconciling the demise of her relationship with Brandi and the closeness between her sister and Brandi. It was all was a little difficult to digest,” says the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star. 


Lisa urges Kyle to “set aside any feelings” with Brandi and not sacrifice her relationship with Kim to the vituperative and pernicious Brandi! “It was a recent and volatile friendship and her sibling was of much more importance,” Lisa explains. “Kim, we see later, openly admits she has feelings of loneliness and that her situation at home with Monty and his battle against cancer has been trying and stressful.”

However, Lisa does question Kim choosing Brandi as a new-found confidante! “I know from conversations with Kyle how protective she is of Kim and how this dynamic between the two of them is so upsetting,” Lisa describes. “Brandi, when talking to Kim, seems intent on dissing the relationship with her sister, as if to cement their friendship at the expense of the sibling relationship.”

“I am sure Kim has many avenues of support via her children, family, and friends, but any unhappiness in one’s life is multiplied when we are at odds with a close family member,” Lisa continues. 

Since Lisa believes Kim has “many avenues of support,” this is why she is wary of involving herself in any intervention – no matter how “disturbing” Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson find Kim’s behavior. But Lisa wants it known – she does not fear the Twisted Richards Sisters! 

“The reluctance to be involved in any sort of intervention with Kim was not, as Lisa misunderstood, that I am afraid of her. I just don’t feel justified in immersing myself into a situation that, for one, I didn’t witness her breach of sobriety,” LVP says. “I have gently probed before, and the result was not a pleasant experience, so unless I thought she was in imminent danger, I was reluctant to have any involvement whatsoever. Of course I would be a sympathetic shoulder, but that would be the extent of it.”

Finally Lisa discusses her surprise party! The good stuff! “I loved seeing everybody there. Much fun was had for sure,” Lisa reflects. “The evening was relaxed, and seating, I imagine, was strategic.” No Dream Team place card slights?!

Yes, even Brandi was fun and didn’t ruin anything for once. She obviously fears The Lisa. “I understood in retrospect why Ken invited Brandi. He wouldn’t want to exclude anybody, and she is part of our circle,” Lisa acknowledges in her blog. “However, the last few social occasions have resulted in altercations, punctuated with expressions such as, ‘I will knock your f—ing teeth out’ or such like, and I understood his need to gently remind her that behaviour of that kind was in no way acceptable. If that is hard to comprehend, then maybe somebody else should explain it, as I am at a loss.”

During the party, Lisa admits we saw signs of ‘the old Brandi,’ and she believes Brandi is sorry she sacrificed their friendship. “I sat next to Brandi for a second, and I do think there was a moment when maybe she felt some sort of regret as to what had transpired between us, so I jokingly retorted that yes, she should sing as her penance. What should she sing she asked? …Mmmmm now that would be easy: ‘Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.’ Now that may be a good place to start. She understood the playful banter and obliged.”

“It was lighthearted, and, for that moment, our relationship took on the same jovial, easy-going rapport as before,” Lisa recalls. “I actually found her singing very funny.” 

However, Lisa reminds us that then Brandi went ahead and insulted everyone – from Lisa’s age, to her friendship with Mohamed – in her confessional. Which is a disappointment, of course. 

“I don’t particularly understand the constant age references from Brandi as Kyle is only a couple of years older than her anyway,” Lisa comments.

In fact she surmises that is exactly what plagues Brandi – an inability to think before she speaks! “I have a challenging time comprehending the repeated need for aggression between some…” suggests Lisa. “For some it may be easier to lash out, to attempt to sully a reputation than show little remorse and expect when you realize maybe you just made a mistake, you have a smidgen of guilt, and hope that all will be well.”

“We can’t rewind the tape and erase feelings, we cannot ‘un-know’ instances that have hurt us, but we can move on with a different expectation from that person as we compartmentalize the relationship,” continues Lisa. “We pack it into a different cerebral chamber and understand the place it belongs–a place that can no longer hurt us.”

Lisa concludes by stating her friendship with Mohamed is “not strange” and instead is one built on respect, loyalty, and trust. Describing their friendship as “one that is secure and supportive, sometimes with its differences that are discussed and resolved, a deep friendship that is respectful of each other and our partners,” Lisa maintains that she will always “vociferously defend” Mohamed to detractors. 

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