Lisa Rinna in Amsterdam on RHOBH

Just because Lisa Rinna‘s lips (and the words that may pass through them) are fake, doesn’t mean everything about her is! Yes, she may have tried to pretend her terrible altercation with Kim Richards never happened, but it was because she just wanted to get through the worst Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills trip ever and return safely to US soil. Do ya’ blame the lady?!

Describing her long strange trip in Amsterdam as, “the weirdest f—-ing thing ever,” Lisa admits after the first night she entered into survival mode. “This entire episode was a roller coaster of emotions and, quite frankly, non-emotions,” she explains. “After what happened the first night in AmsterDAMN, I became severely AmsterDAMAGED, and as you can see, I was basically navigating my way around in a walking coma.” 

It wasn’t Lisa’s intention to be insincere or ignore reality, she just wanted to avoid anymore issues. “Out of desperation to keep my last ounces of sanity in tact, I made a decision in that moment to move on.”


“Move on for Yolanda’s sake, move on for my own sake, and move on for the other girls’ sake in an effort to keep things moving forward. If I didn’t, my only other option would have been to get on the first plane out of there and back home,” acknowledges Lisa. “But Harry had encouraged me to stay and make the best of it, so that’s what I did.”

“I was feeling terribly vulnerable, confused, and shocked,” Lisa continues. “I compartmentalized everything that I was feeling in order to get through the trip in one piece. The last thing I needed was to be locked up abroad.” I guess sometimes it’s easier to mask real emotions with fake ones, especially when dealing with a Real Housewife in serious delusional denial, right?!

Also sometimes a gal just needs therapy – retail therapy that is! “I didn’t choose to go shopping with Kim and Brandi [Glanville]. I just chose to go shopping. Period. At that point, I couldn’t give a flying you-know-what if I was with the Pope or Honey Boo Boo. I needed some retail therapy, or else I was going to end up spooning with Yolanda in her bed for the rest of the trip.”

Lisa is also grateful that Eileen Davidson proved herself a real friend by questioning her behavior. “The conversation Eileen had with me was such an important one for our relationship. I was so glad she called me out and reminded me that I wasn’t done processing or dealing with this situation, and boy was she right!”

“That is exactly what a true friend does; they sit you down privately and tell you how they feel,” Lisa praises. “I was, and still am, so grateful she took the time and handled the situation the way she did. I also want to give Eileen props on speaking her mind to both Brandi and Kim with so much grace and ease. I’m really, really glad she took the opportunity to do that. She is such a classy chick, and I am proud to have her as a friend.”

Finally Lisa explains why she gushing told Kim she loved her on the Hate Boat. “So, as luck would have it, when I go to Amsterdam and feed my inner gangster a little space cake, he becomes my inner Dalai Lama, which was quite obviously the case when we were on the boat speaking one another’s praises,” she jokes.

“In that particular moment, I felt empathetic towards a fragile Kim Richards sitting in front of me, and I just felt those were the words she needed to hear at that time,” Lisa rationalizes. “It’s what felt right, and it’s what needed to be said in that very moment.” Well at least she’s honest that sometimes we say the wrong thing to appease the wrong person and sometimes we’re all a little fake and insincere. 

What Lisa doesn’t comment on is Brandi, but she does refer to the slap as “unnecessary” and warn us the “Amsterdamage… it’s far from over.” Indeed.

Tonight the ladies remain in Amsterdam where Brandi samples a little of the local flavor and Lisa Vanderpump is unwilling to accept Brandi’s apology. Back in Beverly Hills, Brandi receives upsetting news about her father’s health, and Kyle receives upsetting news that Brandi accused Kim of needing an “intervention.” 

When Kyle confronts Kim about Brandi’s backstabbing, Kim lashes out in anger towards Kyle – and the sisters’ relationship hasn’t been the same since..

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