Claudia Jordan Landing A Real Housewives Of Atlanta Spinoff?! Kandi Burruss Creates A Businesswoman Empowerment Seminar!

Claudia Jordan & Kandi Burruss

It’s either raining Real Housewives Of Atlanta spinoffs over at Bravo! Or some people just thirsty for attention…  Claudia Jordan recently hinted on instagram that she may be headed for her own solo show. Lifestyles Of A Bunionista, anyone?! Meanwhile Kandi Burruss is ready to move into the motivational speaking realm of things and wants to share what she’s learned from her successes and failures – reality TV included! 

First up, Claudia! The newbie RHOA star enjoyed Easter brunch with producers Carlos King and Brent Nisbett (who also produce Hollywood Divas with Todd Tucker!) and she announced that “may be” a spinoff is coming… 

There have been several rumors that Claudia (who knew Carlos) was cast on the show specifically to cause conflict (with a certain Housewife who has since issued her a C&D letter) and was coached by producers. As a result of some acrimonious situations (some of which were edited out) and the vociferous complaints of other Housewives about favortism and storyline manipulations, an EVP was let-go. Carlos even did an interview promising that Claudia would bring the drama. However, NeNe Leakes has a longtime friendship with Princess Banton-Lofters, the creator of RHOA… 


Claudia Jordan landing a RHOA spinoff?

“Easter brunch with my boos @kingdomlos @b_solodolo in LA #Spinoff lol just kidding… Ok may be not. Ok whatever…” Claudia teased! (Credit: instagram)

In all seriousness, what exactly could a Claudia spinoff be about? Her budding standup career? Her well-publicized obsession with Porsha Williams? Her desire to be the shining star of RHOA and force NeNe off the island for treachery against wigs? Could her solo show be about building the world’s largest collection of SOLO cups? A competition against Kim Zolciak to be sure… tell us what do you think Claudia’s show could be about? Or possibly Claudia is confusing spinoff with sex tape…

Speaking of spinoffs – Kandi is reportedly filming one called Meet The Tuckers with her hubby Todd. The couple just celebrated their one-year anniversary in Paris (with Bravo cameras in tow), but when she returns Kandi will be putting her efforts into her very own businesswomen empowerment seminar. 

Other than reality TV success, the Grammy-award winning songwriter (who has written hits for nearly everyone in the business) has branched out into the world of sex toys, an internet talk show Kandi Koated Nights, a hip ATL boutique called TAGS, multiple real estate holdings (all in a quest for a smother’s love…) and recently had business flop when she tried her hand at producing a play. But Kandi has learned from both her successes and failures, and wants to share her secrets with others. 

On April 11, Kandi will host “Empower” – The Businesswoman MasterClass – featuring speakers such as Mona Scott Young (the “genius” behind the Love & Hip Hop franchise) and several other female entrepreneurs from various fields. 

Kandi says it’s long been a dream of hers to do an event like this. “Basically, in my group of friends, I’ve always been the one who pushed other friends. ‘We need to do this. You should do that!’ I liked giving advice and I helped a few of them make very lucrative decisions. And so they’re always saying, ‘Kandi, you should do a class!’ You can help other women. So I’m finally doing it!”

The entertainment-industry veteran, has never held a traditional job and Kandi hopes to inspire other women “Shark Tank style” to pursue their own ventures. “I just think any time you get a group of women who are like minded, everyone is ready to make money if you team up,” she told‘s Rodney Ho. “Then you can do bigger and better things.”

Believing that her willingness to try new opportunities has been her key to success, Kandi never envisioned reality TV would catapult her career so far. “I didn’t think it would really change my life,” she admits.It was through the encouragement of another friend (and reality star), Toya Wright, that prompted Kandi to sign on to RHOA. 

“If she hadn’t talked to me about that, I might not have been open to doing ‘Housewives,’ Kandi confesses. Despite some negativity, Kandi credits the show for being a tremendous boon to her career and profile. “It’s a great platform, basically free advertising. People see what I’m working on and they want to be a part of it,” Kandi acknowledges. “I’m thankful for the show, thankful for the fact I met my husband through it.” 

Kandi has also experienced failure through reality TV; her first spinoff, The Kandi Factory flopped (she believes it was in part due to it being on the wrong network “MTV or VH1 might have been better,” she cites). Kandi also learned about mixing personal business with storyline business – she ended up filing a lawsuit against Kim Z over the rights to her song Don’t Be Tardy. Kandi counts these as a huge learning experiences that helped subsequent spinoffs like Kandi’s Wedding succeed. She served as an executive producer for both shows and her wedding spinoff was the most successful Housewives spinoff in Bravo’s history!

Kandi has also built successful friendships through reality TV. Although she’s going through a rough-patch with Phaedra Parks, Kandi is confident they’ll work it out, however she was disappointed to see Phaedra’s frustrations play-out as as storyline on RHOA instead of hearing it directly from her. “I’ve never been the friend who calls you every day. It wasn’t like we didn’t talk at all,” Kandi insists. “The show gave the impression we hadn’t talked in months!”

As for Kandi’s current issues with NeNe (and her expressing a desire to leave Housewives over the show’s negativity), Kandi doesn’t feel likewise. “I have a great relationship with Bravo. I’m happy with the way things are,” Kandi declares. “We may get a spinoff every now and then but we’re still a part of ‘Housewives.’ It’s been a great platform for my brand.”


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