Kenya Moore Is Surprised By Phaedra Parks; Phaedra Says Her Friendship With Kandi Burruss Is Good!

Phaedra Parks & Kenya Moore

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta the tepid steps were taken towards resolution in the longtime feud between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks! Kenya admits she’s surprised by Phaedra’s willingness to finally hear her out, meanwhile Phaedra is dishing on hopefully resolving issues with Kandi Burruss.

Admitting she was “very surprised” Phaedra finally agreed to have a conversation with her, Kenya is hopeful she will be embraced by Phaedra as easily as NeNe Leakes was despite all of their issues! Kenya is also hoping for an apology for all the “whore-mongering” – and she credits herself for tirelessly trying to mend things with Phaedra for the change in tides. “I think it’s always good to honestly talk with an open heart and listening ear. It takes too much energy to hold onto the past,” explains Kenya. 

 “It was confusing to all to see how easily Phaedra forgave NeNe for calling her the head doctor, never acknowledging she even knows her, and calling her dirty besides a few other things,” Kenya reflects. “Yet she has refused to apologize to me or to forgive me after countless attempts to reconcile on my part.”


“To my critics who ask why I keep trying, the answer is simple: It’s just too exhausting to carry around your baggage, and it’s been a long time coming,” declares Kenya in her blog. But what if your baggage is Louis Vuitton? 

Speaking of conversations, Kandi and Phaedra finally had one in Manila, and according to Phaedra their friendship is now back on track. Or is it?  “I think the conversation with Kandi helped us get on the same page,” Phaedra believes. “I value friendships and know that all relationships require an investment of time, patience, and effective communication.”

Kandi, however, says while she thought “at the time” things were fixed between herself and Phaedra, presently she’s not so sure. Ouch! What happened at that reunion?! I guess on RHOA you can only have one friend – particularly if that one friend is NeNe

In her blog Phaedra also explains why she finally decided to sit-down with Kenya, which coincidentally happened after Apollo Nida went to prison. It’s because Phaedra believes in “forgiveness and redemption” – even for whorelots!

“While Kenya and I have deep rooted issues, I am finally at a place where I am willing to sit down with her and hear her out,” says Phaedra. “The only way to describe our relationship is wounded. And everybody knows that wounds require air to heal. Hopefully, this conversation will serve as that air.” Well, um… it sounds like these two are STILL not seeing eye-to-eye: both believe the other wronged them and yada, yada, yada… isn’t this what Dr. Jeff went over in therapy?

Phaedra also discusses her luncheon with Claudia Jordan; she is happy they finally connected on a personal level. “Claudia and I do not know each other, and we have had very limited interaction,” she says. “Connecting with her gave us an opportunity to begin laying the foundation for future interactions.” 

Well, good for Phaedra, that “as a Christian” she can be so charitable towards the new gals, and so forgiving of the whores twirling around out there, and also so accepting of the frienmies who have used her personal plights when it suits them (I’m talking about you, NeNe). 


[Photo Credits: FayesVision/ & Alex Martinez/Bravo]