Teresa Giudice

5 Times Teresa Giudice Lost Her Composure On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

There aren’t many Real Housewives who have been able to withstand the test of time. We have lost several OG’s along the way who were either let go due to attitude issues or they simply had their fill of reality television.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice is a legend and she has definitely cemented her place in Bravo herstory. She gives every last morsel of herself, her family, and sometimes Tre had her fill of foolishness. Let’s walk down memory lane and revisit a few times when Teresa wound up giving us more than we expected.

5. Tre vs Kim DePaola

Season 8 saw the return of Teresa’s infamous high-pitched screech and explosive rage. We love to see it. On the receiving end was Kim DePaola, who probably should have joined the cast at some point. Kim alleged Tre was cheating on Juicy Joe Giudice while he was doing his stint in jail. This didn’t go over too well with Teresa, whose traditional Italian values would never allow her to stray from her wedding vows. Kim also says Tre lies about everything, so she definitely isn’t looking to rekindle the friendship any time soon. When Tre’s friends Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker (ugh) chose to model in Kim D’s fashion show fundraiser instead of remain loyal soldiers, to say it didn’t go well is an understatement. Teresa attempted to discuss the rumors Kim had allegedly been spreading and the voices became… raised. F-words were slung, chairs were tossed, and then Kim threatened to send ‘ol Tre back to camp. It was beautiful.

4. Tre Bodily Pushing Andy Cohen

Teresa is no weakling, but to look at her you wouldn’t think she could throw a grown ass man out of her way. In the Season 2 reunion, Teresa became a bit angered by something that fell out of Danielle Staub’s mouth and poor Andy Cohen suffered the consequences. After Danielle insinuates Teresa didn’t visit Joe Gorga’s son after he was born, the crazy voice was there to let us know shit had hit the fan. Pro-tip, do not ever ask Teresa if she acknowledged her nephew… She popped up out of her seat and began screaming directly into Danielle’s face, Andy grabbed her arm in an attempt to restrain her, but my man needs to go back to the gym before than can happen. During hysterical cries of, “DO NOT BRING UP MY FAMILY”, Tre became more agitated. When Andy tried to put her back in her seat, she released a primal roar and it pretty much turned into a Hulk SMASH situation. To Andy’s credit, he accepted defeat gracefully and said later, “Teresa is strong”.

3. Tre Chasing Danielle Staub

Season 2 is one for the history books, if you need to rewatch a season go with that one first. During Kim DePaola’s Posche fashion show, Teresa was waiting for Danielle like a spider waits for prey. When Danielle finally walked by, Teresa went into a series of weird gaslighting conversations saying Danielle is responsible for her shitty attitude. To Danielle’s credit, she attempted to speak to Teresa like an adult, but that’s when things went all the way left. By the way, “is bitch better?” Anyforclosure, Danielle crossed a line when she mentioned Teresa’s sketchy finances and that was the fire that lit the fuse. Jacqueline Laurita passively tried to calm Tre down, to no avail because shortly thereafter, THE CHASE WAS ON. Teresa then dissolved into a mad middle school student and ran after a fleeing Danielle. Cops were called, hair was pulled out, and Teresa once again made television history.

2. Tre And Caroline Manzo In Napa

What was supposed to be a business trip for Chris Laurita in Season 4 turned into an all out verbal battle between Teresa and Manzo matriarch, Caroline Manzo. It was one of the only times viewers had seen someone go up against Teresa and not back down, and it was glorious. It was go big or go home and, well, Teresa went home. The animosity had been building between Tre and former friend Caroline for quite some time. Caroline was not amused by the “jokes” Teresa wrote in her cookbook about Caroline and her kids. It’s not a good idea to claim the Olive Garden is more Italian than Caroline, whether it’s true or not. Caroline then discusses the never-ending tabloid controversy. Caroline licks her lips, flips her mane, and pounces when Teresa claims that she did not provide the media offensive remarks.

She screams angrily, letting each vile word slowly escape her mouth: “You are a D-I-S-G-R-A-C-E.” For a little period after being startled into submission, Teresa plays with her hair and desperately looks around the room for a friend. Teresa is alone on the Manzo battlefield because Jacqueline Laurita has her eyes closed and her head bowed, pretending to be asleep. In fact, Teresa sees this quick onset of narcolepsy as a sign of progress. Perhaps she has realized the importance of not being in the middle. Insults are hurled, Kathy Wakile came under fire, and Tre storms out of the room. Ultimately Teresa and Joe Giudice left the trip with Joe and Melissa Gorga in tow. Caroline went to her room and cried over the absolute shit show that just happened. We’re still waiting for Caroline and Teresa to reconcile

1. Tre And The Table Flip

Obviously this was going to be number one, what am I, crazy? Season 1 of RHONJ put Housewives on the map thanks to Teresa and her ability to turn things over while in a rage. Danielle Staub is once again the source of Tre’s ire and it’s fair to say both of these ladies carried the show on their backs. Danielle never really fit in with the group because she may or may not have done something to Dina Manzo years ago, but grudges are a thing and apparently in New Jersey, they are lethal. After numerous episodes of fighting, complaining, and in general making fun of Danielle, the finale episode was, of course, a dinner party. Tre had been portrayed for the majority of the season as a kind and devout wife, mother, and link to the Manzo family, around whom much of the drama revolved.

Danielle scolded the other ladies for talking about her ex-husband while setting a copy of the book Cop Without a Badge on the table. Teresa reached her breaking point when a heated debate over the source of the rumors started. She flipped the table over while shoving her hands below it and yelling at her co-star, “Prostitution whore!” “ENGAGED 19 TIMES”, and her war cry. Everyone disbursed and Juicy Joe calmed his heated bride. And that, my friends, was the moment Andy Cohen fell in love – and so did we.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]