Jenelle Evans Is Back Together With Nathan Griffith; Spotted Wearing Engagement Ring!

Jenelle Evans promotes Teen Mom 2 season 6 - wearing engagement ring less than one month after domestic violence arrest

Least surprising Teen Mom 2 news, like, ever (other than Leah Calvert‘s divorce) … Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are back together. Again. For round like 22 zillion. 

Less than a month after Jenelle was arrested for criminal domestic violence over assaulting Nathan (charges were dropped), they’ve rekindled things. Even less more surprising – they’re re-engaged!

Nathan and Jenelle initially got engaged amid turmoil, had several massive blow-out fights that included cheating accusations and arrests, attempted to work things out again before Nathan told Jenelle he was seeing other people, then they wound up in another physical fight! The two were supposed to be working out a custody agreement to co-parent one-year-old son Kaiser, but instead they got back together. Maybe that was easier? I honestly have no words…


Jenelle confirmed the news while doing press for the premier of Teen Mom 2 and was spotted wearing the engagement ring MTV paid for. Guess that answers what happened to it. I assumed one of those losers pawned it to pay bail bonds or attorney fees. 

Apparently Jenelle was never truly over Nathan and always held out hope they’d reunite. Yes, even when she was beating on him and he was running her over with a truck. That little break, which involved the police, was just what the couple needed to get their priorities straight

Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith back together again

Above, Jenelle and Nathan celebrate Kaiser’s 1st birthday. [Photo Credit: Instagram]

“We’re working things out currently. We took a break for about four months,” Jenelle told OK! Magazine. “Nathan realized that I’m the most faithful girl he’s been with and he just wants his family back.”

Jenelle insists she’s learned a lot and has really grown in Nathan’s absence. Uh-huh. And I’m a magical potted fern named Matilda. 

“During those four months I just focused on myself, took care of Kaiser, spent time with Jace on the weekends,” Jenelle lied explained. “No matter how depressed I was, I didn’t let our breakup effect my schooling. I usually would in the past. I’m proud that I was able to stick to it.”

Although Jenelle is wearing her ring again, wedding plans are indefinitely on hold until she and Nathan figure some things out. Like how to stop calling the cops on each other? Jenelle says they “haven’t discussed” potential nuptials. “We’re slowly going back into our relationship. We don’t want to jump back into it. Nathan was like,  ‘Oh maybe we can start planning our wedding soon!’ But I think after everything that happened, we need to take a steady pace.” Well, I mean that’s reassuring! Wouldn’t want Jenelle to rush into anything foolish, after all! #sarcasm

Proving that she’s a whole new Jenelle, with a fresh new perspective, she expects to wait at least a year before the big day. “We have to last at least that long,” she admits. 

Jenelle Evans engagement ring

Here’s another photo of Jenelle rocking her engagement ring again while promoting TM2, press which Leah was conspicuously absent from. [Photo Credit: Instagram]

Teen Mom 2 returns July 9th. 


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