Vicki Gunvalson Defends Her Criticism Of Meghan King Edmonds; Jeff Lewis Talks Being Fired From Living Spaces

Watch What Happens Live

It was a full house on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson and Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis were Andy‘s guests, Vicki‘s daughter Briana Culberson tended the bar, and Tamra Judge sat in the audience.

Among tonight’s topics, Vicki talked about life since her mom passed away and addressed her criticism of Meghan King Edmonds, and Jeff shared his thoughts on being fired from Living Spaces and talked about his friendship with Shannon Beador.

When asked if she watched the episode in which she learned her mom passed away, Vicki shared, “Yes, I did. I blacked out there. It was part of my life, and I kind of felt like I’d see her come back through that episode, but I didn’t. It has been a really big void for our family. Briana was very close to my mom. It has just been really hard on all of us. It has been really, really hard… harder than I would have ever imagined it to be.”


To lighten the mood, Jeff said, let’s whoop it up in Joanne‘s honor!

“God love her, at 83 years old, she knew how to whoop it up,” said Vicki. “She was loud and obnoxious and opinionated – and I think I’m a little bit like her.”

Vicki and Jeff shared “what springs to mind” about these Bravolebrities:

Gretchen Rossi – Vicki, <annoying laugh>. Jeff, pageant queen.

Sonja Morgan – Vicki, money, lost money, and beautiful vajayjay. Jeff, taste.

Reza Farahan – Vicki, mustache. Jeff, funny.

Danielle Staub – Vicki, pot stirrer. Jeff, pot stirrer.

NeNe Leakes – Vicki, love, legend, and great gal. Jeff agreed with Vicki.

Jax Taylor – Vicki, sexy. Jeff, pointing out that he’s only met him once, nice.

Kenya Moore – Vicki, tall. Jeff, pot stirrer and opinionated.

Andy asked Jeff for a baby update. “It’s rolling,” he said. “Next couple weeks. If it’s a girl, we’re going to name it Andy Cohen.”

A caller questioned why Vicki was so angry at Meghan for loving her step kids and wishing they were hers.

“First of all, I wasn’t angry that she loves her family,” explained Vicki. “I think all children need to be loved. You didn’t see the whole conversations – she actually said she wanted the children to come out of her vagina. And that was discrediting their own mothers. I felt bugged at that because Michael and Briana both have a step mother and I’d be a little offended if that step mother said, ‘I want Michael and Briana to come out of me.’ A mother’s love is there… I love all step mothers, I love all adoptive mothers… that’s not what I was saying.”

Jeff added, “There’s boundaries.”

Andy claimed many fans have said, since Vicki doesn’t like when people talk about her relationship with Brooks, it’s hypocritical of her to then turn around and judge Meghan and Jim‘s marriage.

Vicki replied, “I don’t know if that’s true, that I’m hypocritical on it. I mean, we’re on a reality show and I experienced and saw some things with Meghan and Jim that everybody else did. I may have been taking it out of context, but I did not see a big connection. We all didn’t.”

Jeff interrupted to say, “I’m not seeing a connection watching that show.”

Vicki said to Jeff, “Thank you for validating me,” adding, “I wish their marriage well. I want everybody happy. At the end of the day, I want everyone loved and I want everyone happy. I am sorry if I offended any step parents. I just know the love that I have for my children.”

Vicki went on and on about step families. Jeff cut her off. “It’s only a 30 minute show, Vicki,” he snarked. “We have to wrap it up, but good answer.”

A caller asked Jeff about being fired from Living Spaces following last week’s episode of Flipping Out.

“I got kicked to the curb,” said Jeff. “For almost two years, I was their creative director. After the show aired, they did not like how they looked and they fired me. The girl who ‘allegedly’ sabotaged my shoot, she had gone to HR. From what I gather, she might have threatened a lawsuit and they fired me as a result. Here is the bottom line, I messed with the wrong bitch. What I love about America is that, you don’t have to work, then you still get to keep your job and you get to blame the guy that does the work. That’s America for you. But I’m not here for pity, I’m here to whoop it up.”

Why is Vicki so critical of Meghan for not working and making her own money but not critical of Shannon or Heather Dubrow – who don’t work? “Shannon and Heather have been married more than 10 or 15 years,” she said. “Meghan had a career. She is 30 and quit her career when she married Jim. I just found that a little interesting.”

A caller asked Vicki if she’ll ever 100% trust Tamra again.

“Yes,” shared Vicki. “Friendships go through really icky rough times. Through eight years of filming together, living near each other, and having grand babies together, we’re just like family.”

When asked what he does to relax, Jeff said, “I drink.” Andy decided this was the perfect time to point out that Jeff and Shannon have become really good friends. (Coincidence? Or throwing shade?) Jeff said, “We have. I really love the Beadors.” Andy asked if he knew about David‘s affair. (After all, everyone else did!) Jeff said no, adding, “[Gage and I] had dinner with them and they told us. It was shocking to me. They seem to be back on track. I’m really happy for them. I really genuinely care about them and love them. I wish them the best.”

Andy noted that Vicki, who has a reputation of being hard on the newbies, welcomed Shannon when she joined Real Housewives of Orange County.

Vicki said, “I liked Shannon when she first came on.”

The fact that Vicki used “like” in the past tense didn’t go unnoticed. “Shannon and I had issues towards the end of the year, which you will see, but I still love Shannon,” she added. “I want the best for Shannon.”

Poll: Who is the biggest pot stirrer on RHOC?

Tamra – 53%

Meghan – 35%

Shannon – 6%

Vicki – 5%

Heather – 1%

Meghan was NOT happy with the results. She tweeted, “What?!? I got 35 and Vicki and Shannon paid the voters!”


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