It’s no secret that Lance Bass has been besties with Lisa Vanderpump for some time now, having made cameos here and there on both Vanderpump Rules and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now Lance is spreading his Housewives wings and weighing in on his faves across the franchises, as well as what he hopes to see in the future (anyone up for Lance’s hubby as the first male “housewife,” he wonders? Yes, please!)

Lance reveals, “I was a huge Real Housewives of Atlanta fan at the beginning. And now I’m a huge Beverly Hills fan, and I’m kind of a newbie fan of New York.” Although he’s branching out with his viewership, Lance admits that for now, “Beverly Hills has my heart.” Well, no surprise there! “Lisa [Vanderpump] definitely is one of my besties. It’s real fun to be able to watch and know someone on the show. But it’s also nice to know a lot of the backstory that other people don’t see. It’s really interesting because, to me, it’s like my own personal reality show,” explains Lance. 


Lance has some words of advice for the winners (in his opinion) of Most Delusional Housewife! He shares in a Bravo interview, “I feel like Teresa [Giudice] and Sonja [Morgan] suffer from the same delusion and I think that if they really got in contact with the real world it would just help them out so much. You know, sometimes it’s great to be in that delusional world and it’s fun but I think they would really benefit from really getting a taste of reality.” Yeah, like prison! 

But his love knows no bounds for some of the other ladies. Lance gushes, “I love [Real Housewives of Orange County‘sVicki [Gunvalson]. I think she’s one of my favorites because she’s the original and she just doesn’t care at all. So she has zero zero filter and that’s what I really love about her.” And even though he’s a recent convert to RHONY, Lance claims, “Carole [Radziwill] I feel like is my spirit animal in the Housewife world.”

If he could trade places with any housewife for a day, Lance says it would probably be Yolanda Foster “cause you know I would want to live the lavish, lavish lifestyle. Taking the private planes everywhere and the yachts? Yeah.” 

When it comes to comebacks, Bethenny Frankel is Lance’s choice for MVP. He asserts, “I mean to me, she delivers. I think this season that she came back [to RHONY], she started off a little rusty. She ended very well and her interviews are my favorite. She has the best soundbites. That was definitely missing from the New York girls.” 

As for Rookie of the Year, Lance reveals, “I’m gonna have to go with Shannon [Beador]. Shannon just delivers on all fronts for a Housewife. She’s got one part crazy, one part a great heart, and then she’s got the drama of the family life going on to. We get to peek into a relationship — she got cheated on and will they get divorced [or] will they not? — and it’s driving her crazy.” (It’s driving all of us crazy too, Lance!)

Ah, but the One Queen to Rule Them All has always been and will always be, in Lance’s opinion, Ms. Vanderpump herself. He confesses, “I’ve never seen a more successful housewife [than Lisa] with her spin-off of Vanderpump Rules, so I think maybe Lifetime Achievement Award would go to my girl Vanderpump. She took the situation and she knew how to work. She entertains everyone and somehow she ended up being the most loved Housewife and still having the drama attached to her — that’s a tricky thing to navigate.”

But will Lisa V be powerful enough to rope Lance’s husband into the Housewives franchise? He claims, “A very silly thing that Lisa’s trying to do now is convince everyone to let my husband [Michael Turchin] be the first male housewife of Beverly Hills. She’s always slipping him into a lot of the episodes [and] I’m like, ‘I know what you’re trying to do.'” Wow! I, for one, would love to see Michael shake things up with the RHOBH ladies. Lord knows the Beverly Hills gang needs some new life breathed into it after last season’s big ole’ hot mess!


Photo Credit: Twitter