Has Heather Thomson Announced Her Departure From RHONY? Defends Josh Taekman Against Ashley Madison Scandal!

Heather Thomson & Kristen Taekman

Is Heather Thomson done being a Real Housewife? After three seasons on Bravo, during which Heather has never shied away from speaking her mind, she is rumored to be leaving Real Housewives Of New York behind. 

Rumor has it Heather is fed up that her storyline this season was relegated to her drama with Bethenny Frankel, thus featuring very little of her real life. It’s no secret that Heather wants to promote her company Yummie Tummie, but she also has been active in raising awareness for the charity No Barriers Warriors, none of which we saw! 

In her final blog Heather posted a cryptic message that alludes to this season being her last. Keeping it short and sweet, Heather emphasized, “I loved sharing this season with you… so let’s keep in touch!” 


Heather reportedly filmed several scenes highlighting her business and her philanthropic endeavors, but they were all left on the editing room floor. As a result of this, along with her feud with Luann de Lesseps, which Heather has taken very personally, Heather may have decided to quit Housewives. “The cons of doing the show far outweigh the pros at this point,” explained an insider.

Describing it as being a “great season” Heather’s farewell-sounding message to fans included thanking them for “watching, engaging, loving, and even (at times) hating” – which she chalked up to the “highs and lows of the show and life.” 

RHONY no longer fits what Heather “wants to be doing,” added the source. “She did it to promote her business and it devolved into ridiculous fights over the ridiculous antics of some unstable women.” At the time Heather squashed rumors insisting she had no intention of leaving the show. 

While Heather has a perfectly valid reason to be frustrated with Bravo over cutting her storyline, I have heard through the grapevine, her storyline was scrapped over her refusal to show her personal life.  Heather and Jon allegedly had some serious marriage issues emerge during filming, but Heather was adamant that they not be shown (similar to what Ramona pulled when she discovered Mario’s cheating). As a result, Bravo, tired of Housewives making demands about what would be shown, decided to scrap large portions of her story. The same thing also happened to Kristen Taekman when Josh reportedly refused to film! 

Speaking of Josh and KristenHeather is defending her friends after Josh was busted with an Ashley Madison account. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Heather declares Josh “completely innocent” and refers to his being caught as “unfortunate.”

Heather also insists Josh wasn’t taking his many interactions on the site seriously, because he’s just a fun-loving frat boy at heart! “If you knew Josh the way I know him, you’d be completely like, ‘Of course he would sign up for that with this buddies!’ That’s a total Josh thing to do!,” Heather told Us Weekly. “He has a very fraternity side to him that I love.” Josh claimed he started the account as a joke with friends.

A close friend of Kristen and Josh, Heather also blamed RHONY for making Josh “look like such a douche, when he’s not” and she praised him for “being a trooper” over the negative depiction. 

Echoing statements made by Brandi, Heather is confident Josh and Kristen’s marriage will survive. “Kristen is a trooper and taking it like a trooper. They’re going to be fine. I count them among my dearest friends. There is nothing but love there.”

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