After tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Barney and RHONY’s Ramona Singer were Andy’s guests on Watch What Happens Live.  The ladies talked cancer, affairs and more. 

They start off talking about different dramatic storylines this season on RHOC, so Andy asks Ramona her thoughts on several of the situations.  Andy asks Ramona what she thinks of the OC ladies not believing that Brooks Ayers has cancer.  “If he’s lying about, it’s a pretty emotionally ill thing and should call him out on it because it means he has problems.  And if he is really ill, just leave him alone.” 

Situation #2 – He asked what she (Ramona) thought about Tamra not telling Eddie up front that she gave Ryan $8,000 to move.  Ramona says she should’ve either never told Eddie or asked him up front. 

Situation #3 – Can you forgive an affair? (referring to Shannon and David but also applies to Ramona).  “I tried to do that with Mario (forgive and forget) and I think when someone cheats on someone, the issue is bigger. It takes a really mature person to go that way.  Yeah, I think she chose the right way to go.”

Situation #4 – Ramona’s thoughts on Heather Dubrow’s leeches.  “I think it’s pretty disgusting.  They did that with like Henry VIII to bring fevers down.  Like who does that in this day and age? It’s gross.”

Andy asks Ramona if she was shocked about Josh on Ashley Madison, has she spoken to Kristen?  “Yes, I did speak to her.  I don’t know, people do stupid things.  I’m not shocked about anything.  I mean, look at my ex.”

A viewer asks if Tamra has talked to Vicki since her split from Brooks.  “I talk to Vicki every day.”  Ramona is shocked to hear about the split.  Tamra confirms “Yeah, he broke up with her.”  Andy asks Tamra if she thinks it’s for good and she says “Um, no. I keep telling her she’s really really heartbroken.”  Tamra added that if it’s meant to be they’re going to get back together. 

Ramona is asked what she thinks about Heather Thomson leaving the show and if it’s a good thing or not.  “I don’t think she had a great storyline this past season.”  But she adds “Yeah, I think it’s good.”

A Facebook fan asks if Tamra is still paying for Ryan’s housing. “No.  What happened was Ryan wanted to move out, he got a job in Orange County before he even moved out, that was part of the deal.  I just helped him get into the house because as you know, getting in is very expensive. So I paid the first couple months and deposit and he’s in.”

A caller asks both ladies who they’d NEVER want to see come back to their shows.  He barely finishes when Ramona blurts out “Jill Zarin.”  Tamra’s pick is Gretchen Rossi.  (high five to Tamra)

Andy asks Ramona how many Sonja Morgan New York clothing pieces she owns, she says none.  “I heard it takes like 8 weeks.  I’m an immediate gratification girl.”

A caller asks who Ramona is dating right now. “I’m not dating anyone specific right now.  I did have a relationship with someone for a few months.”  She says it got a little quirky.  She adds, “dates are never my problem.” 

Andy also gave out a few Housewives Awards, including the Lifetime Achievement award to Ramona Singer.  Teresa Giudice won one for Biggest Reunion Shocker. 


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