Bethenny Frankel May Be Done With Real Housewives Of New York Again!

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After helping to resurrect Real Housewives Of New York from the grave, Bethenny Frankel‘s Housewives status for next season seemed assured. Now the Skinnygirl reveals she may not return for season 8

Whatever she decides Bethenny is “really glad” she gave Real Housewives Of New York another chance. She describes her return to Bravo as “eerily great,” in fact. 

Bethenny was a big part of revamping RHONY and the show also helped her to reclaim her fan base following her a (and ongoing!) divorce from Jason Hoppy. Being a savvy businesswoman, Bethenny is now wondering if, yet again, she should quit Housewives while she’s ahead.


Citing the positives: “I appreciated being myself, being honest and commenting on the things I think are ridiculous. [Having that] be my job is pretty awesome,” Bethenny shares. “The fans were really happy that I was back. I felt very embraced.” 

That said, Bethenny isn’t sure she can handle another season of demanding drama. “I never want to go back to that place I was at a couple years ago where it was just non-stop. I felt like I was on a ride and I wanted to get off.”

With her career reignited, Bethenny is considering other options for the future. “I’m weighing a bunch of different opportunities and deciding how I want to spend my time,” she confirmed to People

Heather Thomson already announced her departure, describing RHONY as becoming more cons than pros

Previous rumors stated Bethenny has already signed her contract for next season. Apparently not! 

In the past Bethenny has hinted she’s hoping Bravo will give her another solo show, something along the lines of a nighttime talk show. Perhaps Bethenny is going in that direction? Or maybe she’s done with TV altogether. HAHAHAH!

In the meantime, there is still last season’s drama to rehash! Which isn’t over – even after The Countess sings. Poking fun at her constant emotional breakdowns, Bethenny dismisses her crying as “not that exciting anymore.” 


If she does come back, her tears won’t be returning with her. “The crying game has ended,” Bethenny insisted. “I may never cry again. I’m all cried out.” 

Bethenny also dished on her costars which she still nicey-hates. Who doesn’t?

On Ramona’s divorce from Mario, Bethenny is empathetic. “We have a lot of our differences through this show, through this season… but I feel her pain. That is really brutal,” she acknowledges.

And because shameless plug: Bethenny approached Ramona from A Place Of Yes, instructing her, “You are going to find out why all this happened later.” Well at least it wasn’t an I Suck At Relationships… spiel

Commenting on Luann de Lesseps‘ single “Girl Code” Bethenny laughs that The Countess gets to “express her disgruntled gripes from the show through song.” And Bethenny relates, “I write books and she writes songs.” 

On the current status of her relationship with Kristen Taekman, (previous rumors claimed Bethenny wanted Kristen fired), Bethenny explains that while they’re not quite “friends” their drama is completely over. “Kristen is someone I work with, who’s an acquaintance, who I like.” 

At least now Bethenny and Kristen can relate to each other over bad husbands

Bethenny also gushed that her new short hair cut is making major waves. “They’re calling it ‘The Bethenny’!” she bragged of the bob, which she is absolutely loving. Uhhhhhhh… I got nothing but eye rolls for that. 

Personally I think Bethenny will be back for one more ride. At least as a ‘friend.’ We all know Bethenny isn’t going to give up the opportunity for all that free promotion – even if she lands a great gig elsewhere.

And if not, Bethenny should just usurp Andy’s position as Reunion Host. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]