Tamra and Vicki have a heart-to-heart

Well, Well… color me NOT surprised, Tamra Judge swore she would never, ever, like ever get back together with Vicki Gunvalson, now she’s considering giving her former bestie another chance. Maybe. 

Even though Tamra calls Vicki out over “major inconsistencies in her stories that dated back to even before filming,” Tamra acknowledges, “I don’t think we will ever know what the truth is.” And they may just have to all move on. Well you know what they say: Jesus forgives; so should you! 


Now call me a cynic, but I wonder if Tamra’s (and Heather Dubrow‘s) sudden change of heart has everything to do with their failed power play to get Vicki fired from Real Housewives Of Orange County. Now that, in all likelihood, Vicki will be back, I think they’re realizing they have to play nice-ish. What will Shannon Beador have to say about this?! Fire up the Facebook Video in 3…2…1… 

“Will I forgive her? I have a big heart and I know people make mistakes,” says Tamra. “Time will tell.” 

However, for Tamra “moving forward hasn’t started yet.” In part because she and Vicki have barely communicated. “I haven’t seen her or talked to her since the reunion. We have had a few text messages.”

Following the reunion, where Tamra learned Vicki made jokes about her custody dispute with ex-husband Simon Barney, Tamra called Vicki “toxic” and even accused her of lying about brain tumors. Tamra announced on Heather’s podcast that she was cutting Vicki out of her life for good

Tamra is on the same page as Heather and wants a sincere apology from Vicki before moving forward. 

“I think it would be nice and sincere if Vicki could actually pick up the phone and call me and apologize,” Tamra told Mr. Real Housewife. “She continues to publicly apologize to all of us ladies, but doesn’t care enough to call us.”

On her recent Watch What Happens Live interview Vicki apologized to her co-stars for dragging them into Brooks Ayers‘ lies, but insists she was “duped” by Brooks as well. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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