Lisa Vanderpump Says Scheana Has Her Head In The Clouds

Lisa Vanderpump talks new season of Vanderpump rules

Lisa Vanderpump has been doing video blogging for the new season of Vanderpump Rules, which is a bit like a slimmed down version of Peoples Couch.  This week Lisa watched and gave her reactions to scenes from the newest episode, including her take on Scheana and Shay’s addiction storyline, as well as Peter chopping off his ponytail. 

On James Kennedy’s behavior this week, “I’m seeing James and his arrogance is superseding his talent. Maybe he needs to pull a few busboy shifts right now. What is this? I mean, really? James is so caught up in his arrogance, I almost don’t know this person in front of me right now that I’m watching.” 

While watching Tom Sandoval, Jax Taylor and Peter Madrigal during the hair salon scene, “What is it with these guys? It feels like every time they do something with their hair, whether it’s a perm or a ponytail, that it’s like a huge, emotional breakthrough.  Boys, it’s just hair.” 

On Scheana thinking that she’s got the magic answers to cure Shay’s pill addiction, “Oh, Scheana. She’s got her head in the clouds. It kind of scares me, really. Scheana is just so certain that it’s going to be that easy just to kick this addiction. And it doesn’t make sense.  Scheana needs friends like Katie and Ariana to tell her how it really is.” 

Lisa thinks that James and Lala are a great match and that Kristen Doute is vindictively trying to split them up.  (deja vu!)  “It’s actually very cute to see James and Lala together. These two have some real chemistry.  Lala’s got this big, tough exterior, but I’m not fooled by all of that because we’ve seen her crumble. I hope that she’s got the balls to stand up to Kristen.  Kristen is just sticking the knife into Lala. She just wants to ruin that relationship at any cost.”  She added, “Kristen actually sitting there with her ex-boyfriend and the girl that stole him away is actually right in her element. What I’m surprised about is that Lala fell for it.”  Lala should hit up some advice from Ariana on this one! 

Photo Credit: Bravo TV