Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix

Scheana Marie has already shared her justification for why she texted Ariana Madix‘s mom to complain that Tom Sandoval stole her best friend and like made her do adulting, but now it’s Ariana’s turn to explain just what made Scheana’s texts so offensive and surprising. 

“I was just really disappointed and confused,” says Ariana. “Tom truly has always gone above and beyond for his friends, especially Scheana and Shay, so I couldn’t understand why she would be so rude about him. She said some seriously awful things.” 


“My mom lives across the country and while we do talk almost every day, she doesn’t always get to see for herself what a great guy and boyfriend Tom is,” explains Ariana in her Bravo blog. Ariana’s mom initially reached out to Scheana about Christmas plans – not the dastardly, manipulative deeds of one Tom 1 “not out to her with concern for me, as Scheana had stated.”  

Scheana took that opportunity to unload any unsavory thing she could say about Tom and ran away with it,” says the Vanderpump Rules star. Ariana also can’t think of any issues Scheana and Tom have had which would motivate the nasty texts. (#KRISTEN)

Scheana complaints that Ariana is a bad best friend also doesn’t matter. “She calls me all sorts of horrible things when meanwhile, I’m staying focused on the good things in my life and dropping the negative,” asserts Ariana. “All while trying to have a positive outlook on a friendship with her. It seems so backwards to me.”

“I also don’t see how being disinterested in bulls*** makes me negative,” Ariana points out. 

As for Scheana’s accusations that Ariana has changed – Ariana agrees! “In the years since becoming close with Scheana I’ve lost a parent, gotten out of an abusive relationship, dealt with a person who dedicated a year of their life to ruining mine, become financially stable, made progress professionally, fallen in love with someone who respects and supports me, and traveled the world with him. I would HOPE that I wouldn’t be the same person after all of that. I’ve grown and I’ve evolved and I love the person I am now. I’m in love with a man who encourages me to tell people how I feel and that is a great feeling.”

Now the tables are turned – the shocking behavior has Ariana worried for Scheana! Maybe she should text Scheana’s mom? “Seeing Scheana like this really makes me worry for her. This isn’t the person I know and love.” People love Scheana? I mean, people other than Scheana. Interesting… 

“I tried to give Scheana the benefit of the doubt but I just couldn’t,” adds Ariana. “She described Tom to my mom as a selfish and manipulative person. She referred to him as a ‘good liar’ who is ‘good at convincing her to do what he wants’. It really just went on and on and on with minimal response from my mom.”

Scheana even further twisted the tables by telling “other people that Tom was offended at being called ‘cocky’,” complains Ariana. “It was such a deflection.”

Ariana also isn’t perturbed that Scheana has moved on to Katie Maloney being her best friend. “Friendship isn’t a competition and they are both people that I care deeply about.” Uh – oh … somebodies adulted!

Scheana insisted she was in a bad place when all this happened, and everyone has since moved on as friends. Tom 1 doesn’t seem to feel likewise..


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