Lisa Rinna in the Hamptons with Erika and Eileen - #RHOBH

We may never know what Harry did, but Lisa Rinna assures us that Kyle Richards is not alone because every family has issues! Yeah, except for some reason we only hear about Kyle Without Kim, ad nauseum

Being stranded in the Hamptons with the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills pecking at each other’s emotional vulnerabilities has left Ms. Rinna exhausted. “This trip to the Hamptons feels like it’s never going to end!” she laments, describing the so-called vacation as “quite intense and rather uncomfortable.” I blame Bethenny. (I kid. Well, kinda. I actually blame Bethenny AND Kim Richards). 

I have a feeling Lisa may not get along with Ramona Singer because she certainly has no lost love for the Hamptons. Or maybe it’s just traveling with the Housewives that had Lisa feeling poopy?


“I think it’s very important to note that everyone’s feelings are valid. We may not agree with them, but they are always valid,” explains Lipsa. “It’s so easy to discredit a person’s emotions when we don’t know the full story, so we question and then ultimately we judge, and I’m just as guilty of doing this as anyone else.” 

Two things that made the Hamptons stressful for Lipsa (besides deciding which of these horrifying Kyle By AleneToo garments am I forced to purchase), was Kyle’s family drama once again becoming a topic. And the shock of Eileen Davidson‘s revelation about her past. 

Calling Eileen’s decision to share her story of surviving an abusive relationship, “incredibly brave of her,”  Lisa champions the positive impact it could potentially have on women everywhere. 

“So, I applaud you, Eileen, for speaking up and speaking out on surviving abuse and for loving yourself and others around you enough to offer up your very personal experience and the positive outcome that came from it,” gushes Lisa. “So very courageous.”

Lisa isn’t feeling so positively about handling the plague of Kyle and Kim, which continually re-infects Beverly Hills. Although Lisa acknowledges she used some harsh words to describe Kim’s plight. Perhaps Lisa needs a lecture from Yolanda Foster on the capacity for compassion?

“I chose to use the wrong words when describing Kyle’s sister’s arrests last summer,” admits Lisa. “The situation is shocking, sad, and tragic. I have since apologized to Kyle for being insensitive. I’m the first to admit that I can be honest to a fault, and my lack of a filter can land me in a situation that I don’t feel good about, and this is one of those times.” 

“I know how much Kyle’s family means to her, and it’s painful to see all of her family drama play out in the public eye,” writes Lisa in her Bravo blog. “I do sincerely hope Kyle realizes that it’s not only her family and the turmoil that surrounds it that gets talked about.”

Lisa also reminds Kyle that all the ladies have shared difficult moments from their pasts at one point, “I truly hope Kyle knows that we aren’t there to single her out. Every family has their issues, and most of us have been very forthcoming about our families.” Yeah, Vanderpump! (I kid!)

Unfortunately we get to continue being haunted by the ghost of Kim Richards, the Sobriety Of Season’s Past over and over again! Can we deal with some other dramas now? I mean it’s all Lyme and KimKillah. 

Finally, Lisa reacts to welcoming new Housewife Kathryn Edwards into the group. Lisa and Kathryn met over 20 years ago, but failed to keep in touch regularly. “Interesting that when I saw her, I was immediately taken back to the early ’90s and OJ. I mean, that goes to show just how long it’s been since Kathryn and I have really hung out.” Does OJ pop into Lisa’s head every time she runs into Kathryn then?

Lisa acknowledges she once again, put her Louboutin-clad foot into her oversized lips herself by focusing on Kathryn’s long ago past. “Time to move out of the 1990s time warp I found myself in that day!” she jokes. 

Unfortunately, Lisa is dealing with some heartbreaking family news of her own. Yesterday she confirmed that her 90-year-old father Frank passed away after battling a long illness coupled with old age. Thankfully it seems Lisa was in Oregon to be by her father’s side during his last days. 

Lisa Rinna's Father Passes Away

 Our condolences are with Lisa and her family. 


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