Kyle Richards And Camille Grammer On WWHL; Mauricio Surprises Kyle; Viewers Vote Kyle “Such A F–king Liar”

Following last night’s intense episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer were Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live. Kyle and Camille weighed in the revelation from Eileen Davidson, the drama surrounding Yolanda Foster‘s illness, the non-stop talk about Kim Richards, and more.

When asked about Eileen confessing to being in an abusive relationship in the past, Camille, a victim of domestic abuse as well, shares, “I was very moved by her openness. I applaud her for speaking out.”

Kyle admits that she was surprised by Eileen‘s revelation, explaining, “It sort of came out of the blue. We’ve all been getting closer and closer with time. We were there, having fun and relaxing, and the next thing you know that came out. I know it was very difficult for her and she had a little bit of anxiety about it, but it was really brave of her to say that.”


Kyle Richards anniversary surprise

Andy shares that [today] is Kyle and Mauricio‘s 20th wedding anniversary. It’s obvious that Kyle is wondering how/why Andy knows this.

Andy says to Kyle, “Here’s how I knew that it’s your 20th anniversary tomorrow. Mauricio texted me yesterday… he was really upset that he wasn’t going to be with you on your anniversary, so he sent a gift to me to give to you.”

Andy presents a pair of diamond earrings, adding, “He said he chose flawless diamonds for his flawless wife.”

A shocked Kyle shares, “We were filming an episode in New York at the Lyme disease gala. Martin Katz designed these earrings that Bella [Hadid] wore and modeled when her mom got up and spoke, and I fell in love with them.”

How Does Camille Feel?

Yolanda‘s co-stars questioning her illness? “I don’t think it was right.”

Does Lisa owe Eileen an apology? “Absolutely. That wasn’t the right time to bring up that question.”

Were you surprised by David and Yolanda‘s split? “Yes.”

Ken getting more involved/speaking up more? “Ken has been the Queen of the Housewives this season.”

When the subject of Erika Girardi versus Bethenny Frankel comes up, Kyle defends Bethenny, “The truth is, Bethenny really liked Erika. Bethenny was like, ‘I dig this girl. I think she’s amazing.'”

A viewer wants to know why Kyle throws so much shade at Lisa Vanderpump. “When did I throw LVP shade?” asks Kyle. “I love Lisa!”

Why do Kyle‘s co-stars repeatedly bring up Kim when it obviously makes Kyle uncomfortable? “I think they keep doing it to get a reaction from me. It was also just what was going on at the time. It is our job to talk about what is going on in our lives, so obviously that was part of it, but I was not comfortable.”

A viewer tweeted, if Kyle would just answer the questions about Kim, instead of resisting, they would stop. “No,” says Kyle. “They kept coming.”

A caller asks Camille about her relationship with Kelsey. “There is none,” she states. “He still refuses to talk to me regarding the kids. It is very difficult on the children. It’s terrible.” Camille says they communicate solely through nannies.

Why did Kyle go to Nicky Hilton‘s wedding, where Mauricio, Sophia, and Alexia weren’t welcome? “I was very torn, obviously. But I was in the room when my niece was born, she’s very important to me, and I was encouraged by my husband and my daughters to go. My husband said to me, ‘You’ll look back and regret it if you don’t go. I want you to be there.’ I’m glad I went.”

A caller asks Camille if she’s dating anyone. She admits that she is and teases that the “cute Italian guy” is in the audience.

Andy asks Kyle and Camille when they became friends. Camille shares, “After Kelsey left me and [Kyle] found out what was really going on, she felt bad. And Lisa was very helpful to me too.” Kyle adds, “When she was going through all of that was when we were at our worst point. We reconnected because of that.”

Poll – Who is such a f–king liar now? (Kyle‘s ‘you’re such a f–king liar, Camille!’ was played through the show.)

Eileen – 1%

Erika – 2%

Kathryn – 3%

Kyle – 32%

Rinna – 16%

Vanderpump – 21%

Yolanda – 25%

Andy says to Kyle, “The good news is, you got the earrings. They are beautiful. The bad news is, you ‘won’ the poll.” Kyle demands, “What am I lying about?!?”


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