Camille Grammer Compares Herself To Yolanda Foster!

Camille Grammer is getting some painful flashbacks from Yolanda Foster on this season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

No, Camille has never had Lyme Disease – thank God – but watching Yolanda try to keep up appearances with David Foster when the couple was actually having major marital issues behind the scenes, reminded Camille of her first season when she believed everything was fine with Kelsey Grammer


After this week’s episode aired, Camille tweeted: 

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.42.45 AM

Camille also responded to another tweeter who commented on David violating Yolanda’s trust by pretending to be oh-so-in-love, while having serious doubts behind her back. 

Hmmm… wee bit of difference. 1) Yo actually filed for divorce, not David – and she moved out. 2) She was well-aware there were issues according to all the women (corroborated by comments from behind-the-scenes). Yolanda was trying to hide them. She announced their split the night of the premiere in order to sell a Yolanda sympathy storyline. Reportedly, she refused to discuss it at the reunion, claiming it was too personal for reality TV. [eye roll] 3) Kelsey was cheating on Camille. It doesn’t appear that is what’s going on with David. 

I personally think Yolanda became impossible to live with during her attention-seekingitis Lyme Journey. 

Imagine how Yolanda reacts if David questions her about her illness, or the many bizarre ‘treatments’ she’s spending a staggering amount of money for (fetal stem cell injections in Tijuana!), all which seem to have no effect? She apparently refuses to see real doctors. Remember it was David who insisted – finally – she get the body scan which revealed the leaky silicone! Then moving in Daisy, the health advocate, making lattes for Lyme recovery – on David’s dime. Just no. 

For me the most illuminating scene with Yolanda and David was the yacht through Canada. David asked if she wanted to take a walk. In response, she snapped at him that he should know she can’t walk and hasn’t for 2,000 years. She was disgusted he would even suggest such a thing.

Honestly, David makes a fair point: How do you rebuild a marriage when the other party refuses to participate? David is stuck in the middle of all Yolanda’s crazypants (errrr… I mean crazy bathrobing). Although he’s pretty slimy himself, I still feel bad for him. I think he finally started to recognize just how detached from reality the whole Journey actually was and started questioning if any of it was actually real. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]