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Southern Charm Recap: Shepspeare On The Mark

Hashtag New Craig Conover unleashed the beast on last night’s Southern Charm. After he announces Whitney Sudler-Smith must hate Kathryn Dennis because she started hooking up with Thomas Ravenel just one week after her brief stay at Casa de Altschul, the group is in an uproar.

Cameran Eubanks hasn’t heard this theory before, and she warns Craig that he may want to retract his statement. Whitney is gobsmacked (who doesn’t love that word?), reminding Craig that he slept with Kathryn long before T-Rav. Shepard “Shep” Rose giggles “sloppy seconds” before Craig prattles off that Kathryn stayed with Whitney for five days, not to mention, Whitney escorted her to the party where she left with Thomas. Whitney can’t get his chin off the floor. “Are you kidding me? You’re believing Kathryn over me?” Cameran is mortified that her new bestie is being raked over the coals by a hapless Hashtag. Craig is so concerned with channeling his inner Harriet the Spy, he doesn’t notice how awkward things have become for the rest of the crew. Cameran recalls the time Craig called out Kathryn to her face about sleeping with three guys in their circle. Sure, Craig did that, but the past is the past…he is friends with Kathryn now.


Shep sits quietly by, gauging Whitney’s extreme reaction. Thou doth protest too much! Shepspeare is in our midst! Horrible over-dubbing (get your shiz together, Bravo!) has Craig blaming Whitney for outing his partying ways to his parents in Delaware. Didn’t he know that behavior would come back to bite his ass? Whitney rises, cursing Craig and listing off the reasons why Kathryn is a pathological liar, and Shep tells him to shut it (or was he saying that to Craig?). Naomie tries to reign in her boyfriend as Whitney storms off the porch.

Cameran tells Craig he needs to be ashamed of himself. She jokes that he’s living in an alternate reality…has he ever seen Whitney upset over a girl? Cameran is convinced Craig has the mentality of a high school girl who loves to follow the drama. Oh, that’s rich! Shep believes champagne can salvage this dour crew, and he enlists Craig to start popping bottles. Danni is fed up with the Kathryn bashing. Why is it okay for T-Rav to act a fool and get a pass, but Kathryn is crucified? Aren’t they both equally cray-cray? JD recognizes that Thomas and Kathryn’s tumultuous relationship has affected everyone close to them. Cameran seconds that assertion. That’s why she tries to stay as far away from them both as possible. She may actually have the most realistic game plan.

Southern Charm recap

In the kitchen, Shep chastises Craig for rocking the boat and creating tension in what was supposed to be a fun mountain retreat. Sure, he wants to get Kathryn back into the crowd’s good graces, but Craig is going about it all wrong. As Craig hides his dip (is he drinking wine while chewing tobacco?), Cameran insists he apologize to Whitney. As the rest of the group scurries off the porch to avoid getting caught in a slap fest fist fight, Cameran initiates a treaty between the two friends before siding with Whitney. She doesn’t even know Craig anymore. Naomie is upset that Craig embarrassed himself (and her) while sucking the fun out of the evening.

The next morning, Whitney is still in shock that Craig could believe his dalliance with Kathryn was anything more than a one-night stand. He and Cameran bid farewell to early-rising Landon Clements before heading back to Charleston. Craig has been excommunicated from Cameran’s circle of trust.

In Mount Pleasant, Kathryn and precious Kensie are face-timing with Thomas. She reveals that her doctor has pushed up her inducement date by three weeks, and their son will be officially making his debut in eleven days. T-Rav is actually relieved to hear this news. He’s been so concerned with keeping Kathryn calm to protect the health of his unborn child, the kid making an appearance will take that stress right off his shoulders.

In Linville, Shep wakes up to find Landon cooking breakfast after half his guests have hightailed it home. He was a bit tipsy the previous evening, so the battle royale between Craig and Whitney is a bit of a blur. Naomie and Craig aren’t shocked to find they’re the only guests left with Shep and Landon. Craig knows Whitney can dish it but can’t take it. A year ago, Shep would have been pissed to have Craig ruin the weekend, but he’s trying to be an adult about it.

Since Whitney sometimes forgets about his caftan-wearing, diamond-dripping widowed mother, Patricia decides to call on his latest open concept loft to make sure she’s on his mind. After her morning martini, Michael escorts her to the $3k/month apartment where Whitney is playing some metal to match his current mood. Patricia swoops through the giant loft with a distasteful eye. Concrete floors and exposed brick? Is this an ISIS prison camp? And that, my friends, is why grossly rich people with little self-awareness get a bad rap.

When Patricia asks about the Linville getaway, Whitney is hesitant for a recap. Recognizing that Southern WASPS don’t share feelings, she doesn’t press him for details. Pat is excited to hear that Whitney’s girlfriend Larissa will be coming to visit. As soon as Whitney decides to settle down, she’s got five engagement rings with his fiance’s name on them. Turning the conversation to Craig, Patricia tells her son that she ran into JD at the bank and inquired about Craig’s position with his company. She and Patricia cackle over JD’s response: “Craig’s my bitch.” 

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Whitney is planning an impromptu guys’ trip to Los Angles, from which Craig has been totally uninvited. Thomas has stocked the nursery at Target, but Kathryn isn’t returning his calls. He’s starting to get worried, so he calls the pair’s nanny, who informs him that his plans to go to LA a few days before her due date have sent Kathryn over the edge. T-Rav is floored. It’s just two days! Kathryn wants to micro-manage his schedule down to when he’s allowed to use the bathroom with her demands on his time. The nanny kindly shares that if something were to happen while he was gone, he’d never make it back to Charleston in time, revealing that Kathryn is completely overwhelmed. This situation could have been avoided had Thomas thought a little harder before traipsing cross country mere days before his son would be born. Thomas sullenly promises to apologize, but no one knows Kathryn’s whereabouts. 

Naomie and Craig are still a tad on the outs, but both are surprised at Cameran’s reaction. She’s never gotten so angry with Craig before! Craig is convinced that Whitney showed the truth with his actions, but Naomie is tired of Craig being a broken record about it. Just drop it! Craig appreciates that Naomie is so skilled at bringing him back to reality. How can he salvage his friendships and appease his girlfriend while still completing his mission of getting to the bottom of Whitney’s hatred for Kathryn? Oh Hashtag New Craig, you have so much to learn.

Meanwhile, Whitney has arrived in Los Angeles to prep his house for the guys’ weekend. LA is the epicenter of his career and ambitions. He’s not Shep who is content day drinking and chasing sixes to hook up with in Charleston. Thomas calls his friend to break the news that he’s bailing on the trip. Whitney doesn’t understand why it matters…the couple is not together, so why do either care what the other is doing? Thomas admits to feeling manipulated by Kathryn, but he finds it’s easier to appease her than deal with her wrath. 

After an epic blow up in the mountains, Craig has invited Cameran to lunch to see how much his tirade has affected their friendship. He realizes that his questions to Whitney may have come across more like accusations. Cameran explains that Whitney was embarrassed and hurt by Craig’s actions, but Craig asserts that he just wants everyone to be friends again and hang out together sans drama. Cameran wonders when that ever happened in the past…because it was never a thing. Jekyll Island? Oh, wait…nope. Founder’s Ball? Never mind. As the light bulb slowly illuminates over Craig’s head, he realizes he’s probably off the list for the LA weekend. You think? One who has learned (bwahahaha!) from past mistakes is T-Rav. He sends Kathryn flowers with the message, “I’m very sorry. Love, Thomas.” Kathryn laughs at the simpleness of it all, and the nanny encourages her to talk through things with Thomas.

When Shep learns that Thomas is no longer going to LA, he calls Whitney to suggest extending the olive branch to Craig. Grudges are for losers. Whitney will need to think about it…and Craig is going to have to come begging on all fours, which Whitney claims he’s good at doing. Shep is convinced Craig would be a hilarious addition to the trip just based on his wardrobe and hair product alone. Across the country, Craig pops in on Kathryn to rehash the disastrous mountain weekend. He truly believes Kathryn’s account of her history with Whitney, but he’s going to have to end his truth crusade if he wants to reconcile with Whitney and Cameran. Kathryn understands and is appreciative of his attempts. She knows the truth but wants to focus on the positive at this point in her life. 

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Truth be told, if Whitney ever had true feelings for Kathryn, he’s long since forgotten them thanks to Larissa. Their greeting alone is magical. He’s got Mylar balloons, awkward kisses, mad guitar riffs, and a forceful German accent. It’s true love! 

At the Palace Hotel, Craig and Shep are lunching and chatting about the incident in North Carolina. Craig admits that he feels badly about how he approached Whitney. Shep feels that things with guys are so much easier than with girls. They can just take shots and get over their pettiness. He evaluates Craig’s fight with Whitney. Sure it made a dent, but it wasn’t a bromance ending world war. In fact, he’s gotten Craig re-invited to Whitney’s LA abode! Craig is extremely grateful to his pal and promises to be on his best behavior. There will be plenty of groveling for good measure. As the episode concludes, T-Rav arrives at Kathryn’s house with his tool kit. Kathryn wants to discuss Whitney’s constant meddling, and Thomas tries to sell the trip as Whitney’s attempt to celebrate the birth of his son. Good luck with that. Kathryn just wishes T-Rav would surround himself with people who bring out the best in him. 


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