Claudia Jordan Vents On Instagram About Lending Money To Friends

claudia jordan attending therapy with rhoa

To be honest, Claudia Jordan really left no impression on me during her one-season stint on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was just kind of there. Sure, she argued with NeNe Leakes on vacation, but I don’t feel like that was really about something. She was just jumping on the “I hate NeNe” bandwagon. 

Then I was one of the few people who caught some episodes of her on The Next Fifteen– which I only watched to see my beloved TIffany Pollard aka New York back on TV. But anyway, Claudia was super arrogant and all of the cast ended up despising her. I have no idea who she thinks she is or what “industry experience” she was bragging about all the time, but she sure thinks a lot of herself. And she just went off on a super intense Instagram rent.


I have no idea why Claudia decided to air out her laundry on Instagram, but she posted a weird photo of a duck with text over it that says, “If you ever have borrow money from somone dont let them have to remind you to pay them back.” No, I didn’t mistype that. She decided to send a message with a grammatically incorrect meme to get her point across. So it’s pretty hard for me to take her seriously.

Plus, who knew that Claudia had so much money to borrow? What is she even up to? Or maybe she isn’t racking in the cash and that’s the point of her meme. Well aside from the photo, she also posted an extremely long (and annoying) rant in the caption.

Sure, she makes a very valid point. Yes, it is important to pay people back if you borrow money from them, but I just think that there is no point of posting that on a public Instagram account. Why can’t she just hit up the people who owe her money and ask them to pay her back? This was an unnecessary cry for attention that just reminded people of her existence.

Check out the annoyingness of the post for yourself.


If I owed someone money— it would be on my mind every minute of every day until I paid it back. I’ve lost friends over this where once they get what they “promised to pay back ASAP” they get missing. No calls. No texts and ignoring your efforts to reach out. Why is it when they ask you to borrow it-they are so nice and considerate? Like so humble and grateful…. But when you mention it to them- you feel like you’re bothering THEM? I’ve loaned to 3 people in the past year- I’m talking THOUSANDS not hundreds and I might as well have just gone to Vegas and put it on the Craps table and taken my chances!! Yes I work hard, yes I’m great at saving- but my hard work shouldn’t be your financial crutch. The sad thing about borrowing money and being in no rush to pay it back- is there aren’t many people willing to look out like that- and God forbid you need help again– who you gonna call? Not me. It’s sad cause I enjoy helping People- but when you get burned being kind- it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. So yes- the bank of C. Jordan is officially closed- and to those that still owe a sista–I should not be punished for my generosity and compassion towards your situation. #NeverAgain

This post was beyond ridiculous and I just had no idea that Claudia had that much money to lend out.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]