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Heather Dubrow Talks Pizza Ovens, Kelly Dodd’s Party, And Vicki Gunvalson’s Relationship With Briana

Yesterday on Heather Dubrow‘s podcast, she recapped the latest episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County, along with providing some behind-the-scenes glimpses of things viewers didn’t see. 

Heather begins by defending how Vicki Gunvalson is dealing with Briana’s health – like Vicki going to work after Briana was in the hospital. “It’s not like Briana was in the hospital one day and now she’s leaving her,” Heather explains. “This has been an ongoing thing, so which day does she choose?”


Vicki’s a great grandmother,” Heather continues. “You know, have your opinions of all of us, but I’ve seen her with those little boys and she’s had to take care of them a lot this year because of Briana’s health issues. She’s there a lot with them and sometimes she does have to go off to work and that’s just the reality of it.”

I feel so bad for Briana. So, Briana and I talk – we text each other, and Terry has been in communication with her and tried to help with doctors down here too,” Heather adds. “She’s like the nicest girl; she’s so sweet and she’s just got this thing – it’s been going on for years, and they just have no clue. It’s so sad.” 

Moving on to the dinner Heather had with Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Kelly Dodd. Heather got sick in Turks and Caicos, so Tamra refused to sit by her. Initially, Heather planned to sit across from Kelly in an attempt to get to know her better, but ended up next to her because of Tamra. Heather also jokes that she and Shannon had to switch chairs, which illustrates how far they’ve come considering they had a major argument over switching chairs in Shannon’s first season. 

“It was a nice a dinner. We had a lot of fun. I thought that Kelly and I had gotten along really well,” reflects Heather. Heather notes she’d been trying to ignore “the second-hand” chatter from the other girls about Kelly. “I try to go by what I hear first hand.” Unfortunately Kelly managed to give Heather pause. 

First Kelly interrupted while Heather was talking about her book. “It was a little rude,” she reflects. “I didn’t notice it at the time, but what I did notice is that Kelly keeps making these sweeping statements like ‘these girls,’ which I find so odd, because I’m looking at us and I’m thinking that we’re sort of getting along and I’m enjoying her company.” 

“So, when I’m seeing her interviews and she seems like we need to loosen up… I don’t really know where that’s coming from,” admits Heather

Surprisingly, Heather is supportive of Kelly forming a friendship with Vicki. “I like that she was sticking up for Vicki. I thought it was nice what she said when she said, ‘I see a lot of myself in Vicki.’ I understand why she feels that way, and I can totally respect that. I think the only thing is that she needs to respect the fact that we all have a personal experience that has hurt us personally and that’s what we’re basing it on, not her character in general.” 

Heather also mentions another rude moment Kelly had at dinner which wasn’t shown. “At dinner something came up about the boat party and Kelly said I deserved an Academy Award for my toast. I guess I’m naive because I thought she meant that it was like so funny and sweet – like it could have been in a movie. But then I found out later from Tamra and Shannon, that that’s not how she meant it – she thought it was overly-dramatic.” 

“She just seems a bit judgmental to me. She makes some comments to me in the next few episodes that are along those lines which makes me think that she’s made these sweeping judgements about me without knowing me.” Heather goes on to complain about Kelly implying she’s phony. “That’s just so odd,” she laments. 

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About Tamra and her trainer Mia. “She’s the nicest gal. I think she’s had an amazing affect Tamra,” praises Heather. “She’s had an amazing effect on Tamra’s ass too! I love seeing her evolve as a person who’s following her faith. I got a little teary watching her.” 

Moving on to pizza ovens and ice. Heather actually purchased TWO pizza ovens for her monolithic mansion, and “a few different” ice makers. “I was joking on the show when I said I don’t eat pizza,” insists Heather. “I mean, I don’t eat it very often…”  Heather was inspired to get a pizza oven after going to a party where the hosts served pizza oven pizzas with salad, and it was “unbelievable.”

Somehow Heather has mythologized this pizza oven – maybe she’s envisioning Mystic Pizza, with a back-in-time Julia Roberts emerging from the ovens holding non-cheese, no-carb, totally organic, zero-nightshade, delicacies? 

“I know the ice is ridiculous but isn’t it fabulous? Terry likes a very particular ice in his cocktail,” muses Heather. She put two islands in her kitchen – “one for cooking and one for eating.” One island has a trough in the middle of one island to fill with ice, to chill champagnes, crudites, whatever. So… the Dubrows like ice, then? 

Finally, Heather dishes on Kelly’s beach party, which she describes as “beautiful.” 

“Everything was just was really well thought out and very, very nice,” gushes Heather. “Her house is gorgeous.” Heather also dishes about Shannon’s attire and laughed, “She loves a costume! Just wait until we go to Ireland.” 

“I thought the conversation between Tamra and Vicki was interesting… I get it: you wanna just move on ’cause you want your friend back, but how do you just release this thing that happened? Very, Very difficult.” 

When Vicki first arrived she had a long talk with Heather about Briana’s health. “Look – this isn’t Brooks. Her kid’s sick! You know this person, you’re friendly with this person, you have a history with this person – I care.” (Heather and her producer both note how it’s ironic Vicki is dealing with a real health crisis.)

“With Vicki it’s always like one step forward, two steps back,” laments Heather. “So, we have this nice moment where we’re talking about Briana – which they didn’t show – but right before that she said, ‘Hello princess!'” When Vicki was asked about the greeting she remarked, “‘Well [Heather] thinks she is!’ And I’m looking at her like where did that come from and by the way, I don’t think I’m a princess. I wanna be the contessa,” jokes Heather.  

Finally, Heather reveals that Vicki and Shannon talk next episode, but “it doesn’t go too well.” 


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