Vicki calls Brooks

I am SO over talking about Shannon Beador’s controversial ’70’s party on Real Housewives of Orange County. It is this season’s story line that seems like it will never die. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wild episode and I was thoroughly entertained, but I’m tired of them all rehashing different versions of the same story over and over again.

Obviously, the main event was Shannon vs. Kelly Dodd, but Vicki Gunvalson also got into it with Shannon‘s husband David Beador. And it all weirdly ended with Vicki leaving a voicemail for Brooks Ayers in the back of a limo. It was such a hot mess and now Vicki is sharing her side of the story – yet again.


I’m not sure what Vicki has against the Beadors other than her being upset that they hate her for the whole cancer scam. So I guess she just dislikes them because they can’t stand her? I don’t know, but it’s not as if they did anything to her. Nevertheless, Vicki is going off against David in her latest Bravo blog entry and using him as the scapegoat for calling Brooks from the back of the limo.

Vicki justified my thoughts about her not liking David and Shannon simply because they do not like her when she wrote, “Watching David and Shannon in the limo heading to the party and hearing Shannon say ‘David is so upset with me and that he can’t stand me,’ was ironic because the feeling is mutual.”

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That really didn’t come off like much of a zinger to me, but nice try Vicki. Vicki has still never apologized for putting the entire cast through Hell and it seems like that’s never going to happen, so it makes perfect sense that the Beadors can’t stand her and her constant pity party.

Vicki played the “why me?” card yet again when she wrote, “I have no idea why David is upset with me, as he was the one who was friends with Brooks also. If David has a problem with him, why hasn’t he called him to get his questions answered?”

NO ONE wants anything to do with Brooks. Why would anyone call him when the issue that the cast has is with Vicki corroborating Brooks’s lies, not whatever Brooks actually said. The issue is with Vicki – so no, no one wants to call Brooks, except for Vicki, no matter how much she denies it.

Vicki also said this which made no sense to me: “Shannon and David are trying to turn the focus off of them and their mess, and attempting to keep the focus on me, which I’m fine with now because I can see through it.”

What mess is she talking about? Everyone is mad at Vicki for lying and people are genuinely focused on that – no one is trying to detract from anything else.

Vicki also decided to drag Tamra Judge into this whole mess because she just cannot bring herself to take responsibility for upsetting the entire cast and all of the viewers. Vicki wrote, “Tamra posted in her blog that I provoked David to yell at me the way he did,’ which is the farthest thing from the truth. She wasn’t even around me as she was in the other room and only saw what you the viewers saw.” And we all saw you provoke him and pop off during a part that he and his wife were hosting…

Vicki described her ’70s party fall out with David by saying, “I was shocked to say the least and have never been yelled at by a man in my life like that. He was completely out of line. For Shannon or Tamra to justify his behavior, they obviously have lower standards than me on how a man should treat a woman.”

Vicki talking about having high standards for a relationship is pretty laughable. We all remember the terrible accusations about Brooks that Vicki’s own daughter Briana Culberson made about how awful he treated treated Vicki and Briana. Vicki is just ridiculous. No one is going to Vicki for dating advice or setting standards in a relationship, at least at any point soon.

Then Vicki tried to explain why David was the reason that she called Brooks from the limo when we can all see that she was wasted and clearly not over her ex – but yes, let’s blame David for this one. Vicki wrote, “When I got into the limo, I decided to call Brooks in hopes that he would answer the phone. HE is the only one who can stop this madness about people saying that I lied for him and I told him on his voicemail to call David to settle this once and for all. It has been over a year now since we broke up and I’m tired of talking about him.”

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Right, because the cast and the fans are looking to get confirmation from Brooks about anything. As if he is some pillar of honesty and morality. Please.

Vicki continued to play the victim as per usual when she wrote, “Seems to me some of these women want to keep this craziness going to put my character in question and I’m not going to let them any more. Enough is enough. Move on!! They will never know what I went through privately with him. I have no desire to discuss it anymore with any of them.”

People don’t want to “keep this craziness going.” They just want Vicki to take responsibility for what she did during this whole cancer scam and she refuses to do so.


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