Dorinda Medley Calls Out Bethenny Frankel For Being “Difficult;” Bethenny Says She’s Never Been Caught In A Lie On RHONY!

A very raunchy dinner

Dorinda Medley has had it with Bethenny Frankel‘s condescending attitude, and Bethenny is tired of her co-stars treating her like the big bad wolf

Dorinda expresses the difficulty she’s had communicating disagreements with Bethenny. During the times when Dorinda can actually communicate at all, that is! “Sometimes Bethenny talks at you and not talks to you. And I think it is very difficult – you just want to get away from it,” she laments.


“I just want to go! ‘You’re right, you’re right – okay!'” says Dorinda who sometimes agrees with her Real Housewives Of New York co-star just to “make it stop!” 

On tonight’s finale, Dorinda argues with Bethenny in defense of Jules Wainstein – and Bethenny’s dismissive attitude makes Dorinda question her friendship with Bethenny. Something they’ve never come back from.

“I was taken off guard,” admits Dorinda. “You think you’re just going to come and enjoy the evening,” she explains to People, “and all of a sudden you’re put into a position where you’re backed into a corner and you’re trying to figure out what she’s saying.”

All the scrutiny has taught Dorinda some valuable lessons about interacting with her co-stars. 

“I’ve had to sort of take a step back and learn from it to maybe keep things a little more private,” Dorinda says. “Some of the things I’ve had to re-evaluate and sit down and say ‘Hmm I like that, I don’t like that,’ and tweak my life a little bit. Some of it’s been good.”

Bethenny, on the other hand, has already learned to keep her private life private (which is why she SHOULDN’T be on reality TV!). She defends keeping boyfriend Dennis Shields off the show by claiming they weren’t dating during filming. #LiarPants! Liar!Liar!LiarPants! 

“If I am in a serious relationship when I am on a reality show, then I will choose how to handle that,” Bethenny asserts, “because you have to address what is going on. That wasn’t really the case while we were filming.”

Bethenny‘s reluctance to be open on Real Housewives Of New York is because the show “hasn’t been fun lately.” Because of her OWN behavior! “The reunion definitely was not fun,” she complains.

“In all my reality television experience I’ve never been caught in a lie,” maintains Bethenny. OK WHO IS THIS BITCH KIDDING WITH THIS LIE?! Her whole marriage to Jason was a lie! “I live my life honestly,” she continues, “and something happened at the reunion that questioned my integrity and I took it really seriously.” Was Bethenny outed for lying for cheating with Dennis while he was very very married and NOT SEPARATED? 

This situation has Bethenny questioning whether she can handle another season. “You might not see me back,” she acknowledges to ET. “I don’t know.” Well – you reap what you sow… 

Bethenny’s issues with Luann de Lesseps have also soured her feelings on being a Housewife. “Luann and I are nowhere today,” she quips. “I think that Luann and people are more focused on how I used this information versus the fact the information itself existed.” 

“I hope that’s she’s happy,” Bethenny maintains. “I really do wish her well. I hope she will get married.” 

I honestly think it’s time for Bethenny to go – again. She’s obviously not invested in the show or the women and would prefer to not have her skeletons exposed. I think she knows, once again, that she’s on borrowed time and has to get out before she gets got. 

More than ostracizing her co-stars, she’s ostracized the audience. The show which was a blast last season has taken a dark and awful tone thanks to Bethenny’s treatment of the other women. It’s not fun or interesting to watch. Bravo’s attempts to structure RHONY around Bethany’s ‘truth cannons’ have backfired and turned an ensemble cast who mostly got along into a group of women forced to cater to Bethenny‘s whims. As I said, you reap what you so, Frankel. 

Tonight’s finale has Luann confronting Tom about his cheating and Bethenny justifying her reasons for telling Luann. Once the ladies return to NYC, Bethenny celebrates the launch of yet another Skinnygirl product but no one is feeling too sweet on her savoir-faire. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]