Kandi Burruss Calls Out Porsha Williams For Propositioning Her; Says Friendship With Phaedra Parks Is “Rockier” Than Ever!

Lesbian accusations on Real Housewives Of Atlanta?! That’s a first, right? Kandi Burruss is having major drama with Porsha Williams this season which centers all around accusations about who propositioned whom for a threesome.

Kandi also dished on motherhood – Ace is walking! – her friendship with Phaedra Parks, and the status of Chateau Sheree!

Chateau Sheree is finally finished and “amazing,” according to Kandi. “It took her a minute, but she got it together,” laughed Kandi. The entire cast attended Sheree Whitfield‘s housewarming party which also included “a couple of extra Housewives.”


Old girls,” Kandi dished. “Kim Zolicak was there and Lisa Wu stopped by too.”

Kandi defended Sheree taking 5+ years to finish her McMansion. “She was doing it on her own. And she was using a lot of her own money to do it instead of financing.  I felt bad for her, because I know how it is when you’re trying to build something. Everyone else may not get it, but I get it.”

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While Chateau Sheree is finally on solid ground, Kandi’s friendship with Phaedra is “rockier” than ever. “We haven’t been friends for two years now,” Kandi admitted, with a roll of her eyes. “One minute we’re cool; one minute we’re not…. It’s been that way this whole season.”

Kandi is NOT cool with is Porsha – no bones about that! A preview of season features an accusation that Kandi is secretly a lesbian and wanted to have a orgy with Porsha and Shamea Morton. Kandi argues that it was actually other way around!

“All I have to say is, if I’m a lesbian, she is too. There was never a sex dungeon. My husband and I never invited her anywhere – she actually invited US out somewhere!” Kandi fired back on Hollywood Today Live. “And I had the text messages to prove it!”

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Because of the Bedroom Kandi line, Kandi feels her castmates assume viewers think she’s a freak – luckily she was able to spill the truth!

Kandi dished a bit more on Access Hollywood. “Porsha and I definitely are not in a good place right now,” she laughed.

She also shared that this season Riley will be working on her relationship with her biological father this season. “Honestly,” Kandi sighed, “they’re still trying to work that out… ” His wanting to reconnect was a surprise.

“That was something that I never really tried to bring up on the show, as far as bringing him on the show, because we have had issues, but um… this was something he chose to do,” Kandi laughs sourly. “Aaaand … it was interesting!”

One thing Kandi never hesitated to put on camera was her relationship to Todd Tucker. She occasionally worries about ‘the curse of the Housewives marriage,’ but thinks their entire relationship including cameras will make the difference.

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“We didn’t have the whole pre-show vs. after-the-show,” Kandi explains, “so I think we’re gonna be better for it because we know how to handle it.” While Mama Joyce has finally gotten over her hatred of Todd, she’s “bringing the drama” in other ways! “She’s outspoken and she doesn’t bite her tongue about how she feels about some of the people on the show.”

“There’s gonna be a lot,” Kandi warns, “You gotta watch!” And watch we will this Sunday when RHOA returns at 9/8c.


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