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Real Housewives Of Atlanta In Maui – Photos; Hawaiian Airlines Admits Mistake

The almighty power of social media waves its wand again! This time Hawaiian Airlines is admitting they made a mistake in Kandi Burruss and Todd Tuckers boarding passes, but insist they never kicked them off the flight – still the airline is kinda apologizing. Possibly because they recognize this little snafu could wind up on Real Housewives Of Atlanta...

The Kandi and Todd, along with other RHOA stars, were headed from Honolulu to Maui to film the season 9 cast trip when a ticket screw up caused a commotion and the pilot reportedly requested they exit the plane prior to takeoff. Oops!

Hawaiian Airlines does admit the issues were initially over a computer glitch on their end, but maintains Kandi, Todd, plus their two traveling mates exacerbated the situation with an over-the-top response. Oh, and in case you’re wondering who their two traveling mates were, they’re Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey. Two divorcing pals crashing a couples vay-cay? Nah – just two of many RHOA stars headed for a little Aloha!


Following the incident, Kandi posted a video of herself standing outside the plane door, and ripped into the airline for their rude service and insists she was definitely not rude.

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However, an airline spokesperson tells TMZ that Kandi, Todd, and co. weren’t kicked off the airplane, but escorted off on their own volition. Representative Alison Croyle of Hawaiian Airlines admits it’s “partially their fault” Kandi was grounded, but still maintains that the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star handled the airline’s questions rudely.

The airline rep explains that shortly after Kandi and Todd boarded, their computer noticed an issue with their passes, so an airline employee asked to check them. Everything turned out to be fine, but in the melee of boarding passengers and getting the plane situated for takeoff, the flight attended forgot to return the passes, which included Kandi and Todd’s baggage claim tickets.

The airline claims that as the flight was taxiing, Kandi and Todd became “irate,” demanding their passes returned, even though they were assured there would be no problems claiming their luggage. I guess they have some pretty nice stuff in that luggage.

The airline maintains it was actually someone in Kandi’s group who demanded to “deplane” over the issue, so the pilot agreed to let them off rather than deal with further commotion. The airline says 45 minutes later Kandi, Todd, and their pals were able to board another flight and proceeded onward from Honolulu to Maui as planned.

So it seems like they had a brief ‘lei’ over, but no further complications.

Moving along, here are photos of the ladies in Hawaii. New-Old Housewife Sheree Whitfield joined Kandi, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams, Cynthia, and still very single Kenya Moore. Also tagging along, mysteriously, was Bob Whitfield according to Tamara Tattles. Peter will be celebrating his birthday on the trip – will he be rekindling things with Cynthia, or last hurrah before the big D? Not along for the sun, sand, and serious drama: NeNe Leakes.

Maybe they’re filming another Cynthia Bailey Eyewear commercial? Or better yet – Cynthia Bailey luggage! (EYEROLL!)

BTW: Anyone else think it strange that there are no new Housewives this season? I guess the existing ladies had more than enough drama on their own!


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