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It is so awkward watching the interactions between Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley so far this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when we all know hat they are eventually going to clash. They seemed to get along…until Dorit clearly didn’t approve of the Erika Jayne t-shirt dress outfit. Not even a Chanel cosmetic bag (with gift receipt attached) was going to give Erika a chance at a warm reception from Dorit and that was only the beginning of the awkwardness at the event. Of course, Lisa Vanderpump got into it with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson.

If I had a husband like PK Kemsley throwing me a dope party, the last thing I would care about would be the way someone else was dressed. Sure, the outfit wasn’t Dorit’s taste, but Erika did look hot. Dorit should have been wrapped up in other things at her own birthday party, but then again there’s no way she’s going to stay on this show if she doesn’t involve herself in any drama. And what better way to make an impact than by starting rivalry with the second newest cast member? Eek. I’m scared for Dorit, but I cannot wait to watch Erika gobble her up and spit her out.


I have no idea why anyone would come for Erika. First off, she is actually nice to everyone. Second, she is fiercely witty so it would be an uphill battle – that’s for sure. But apparently, Dorit does not view things the way I do. And of course, even when Erika has the right to hate on the newest cast member, she doesn’t even do so in her blog about the last episode. Erika is the only one who manages to make her points without getting angry and overdoing it.

But of course, Erika addressed Dorit’s dismay with her outfit selection, ” Dorit says the invitation for her party called for ‘stunning’—and with these pumps, this hair, and this fresh-off-the-runway Moschino dress, that’s exactly what she got.”

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I mean if the dress code really did just say “stunning,” that’s truly a vague description and Erika really did no harm. If there was something specified about black tie, formal, or any other conventional words, then I could see why Dorit would be offended. But honestly, it just seems to me like the party could not have been that fun if the birthday girl herself was so caught up on someone else’s outfit. Clearly, she had a lot of time on her hands.

Without even calling Dorit out specifically, Erika expertly shaded her when she added, “But then again, not everyone can appreciate the same on-point fashion moments.” Ain’t that the truth? Plus, Dorit’s dislike of Erika’s outfit gave it more attention. In fact, I don’t think I would have given the dress a second look, if Dorit didn’t disapprove and turn it into a story line. Erika won that battle without even doing a thing.

Erika couldn’t talk about Dorit’s party without mentioning the lingering issues between the other cast members. “It’s interesting to watch Rinna and Eileen interact with LVP given the obvious tension left over from last season.” Yeah, that was honestly the only “interesting” part of the episode.

Being the sage woman that she is (at least in my eyes), Erika played the politically correct card when she wrote, “It can be hard to let go of hurtful disagreements, but I’m hoping to see them move forward soon.” Same. I really don’t care if they get along or not, but at the very least I would love for them to move forward on to some new drama at the very least.

And thankfully someone is addressing Lisa Vanderpump’s “joke” about Eileen’s husband Vincent Van Patten being up other women’s skirts at the party. That could have been humorous if Lisa said it to any of the other women, but it was so obvious that Lisa was trying to be mean to Eileen. It was ridiculous and she really look petty AF for such a random comment.

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Unfortunately, Erika didn’t completely condemn LVP for her remark, but she did say,”I do think Lisa’s comment about Vinny did in fact hurt Eileen’s feelings, and I hate seeing that. But we are here to celebrate Dorit tonight and that’s just want I am going to do. Happy 40th!” And look at Erika, even after a season with dramatic moments of Erika vs. Dorit, she still is a class act wishing the woman with an ever-changing fake accent a happy birthday.

I feel like if I didn’t see previews for this season, I might like Dorit, but knowing that she squares off against Erika more than once, really puts a bad taste in my mouth. I am all about Erika – and Dorit’s constant bragging about her friendship with Boy George, the beyond annoying accent, and lack of story line so far really aren’t helping me become a Dorit fan.


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