Well tonight looks like the night the niceties vanish and stuff gets real on Celebrity Big Brother.  Firstly we have the viewer warning and then the trailers of arguments and new additions (and if the rumors are to be believed, Speidi are not going to know what’s hit them).

So on with the show.  Straight off, Stacy’s doing that breaking into song thing again.  Which is getting really tired now.  One minute talking, next minute booming out a note.  If she’s not doing that, she’s talking about Whitney Houston.  Again.  At least this time she’s actually talking to Ray J about it rather than about him.  Thankfully she stops blasting her tunes long enough to have a deep conversation about Whitney’s death and Ray J admits he blames himself, as he had gone to get shoes for a night out and took too long so was running late.  A sad conversation which thankfully the housemates treated with respect, decency and tact.  Ray J is clearly upset afterwards and seeks solace in the diary room, visibly distressed.  Such a shame.


We move to today’s task and the newbies have to impress the producers group by acting out scenes featuring each other.  Everyone takes this in good spirits (would love to see this happen again in a couple of weeks and see if it goes just as peacefully).  Two housemates have to be edited out based on being least entertaining..  Bianca is one, and Ray J is the other.  They have the dubious pleasure of the beige tracksuits and will no longer take part in key moments in the house.  I think they’re meant to care more than they do.  Maybe the beige trackies are fleece-lined and ultimate comfort?  Maybe they just don’t understand the rules.  Maybe they’re hoping being edited out gives them invisibility powers and they won’t have to deal with Speidi anymore


And then it’s party time in the house.  Edited out housemates are not permitted to join in and are confined to the bedroom to watch the fun and festivities.  Austin hasn’t got the memo though and starts getting emotional that he’s holding back due to being in a new relationship and being concerned about how he’s being shown.  Spencer has also been caught taking the bottles of water and hiding it, something that ain’t gonna wash (‘scuse the pun!) with these guys.  James organizes everyone, and Stacy and Bianca take them from the bed where they’re hidden, and share them out on everyone’s bed.  However when they come to check later on, it appears Spencer and Heidi have taken them back.  The first bust up of the series kicks up when Austin tries to check Speidi’s bed and ends up in a screaming match with HeidiJames tries to guide Austin away, whilst Spencer stands to one side and snarks loudly.  Austin grabs a bucket ready to solve the water crisis (Kinda.  I think someone was just going to get a dunking!), and gets guided to the diary room by James where Big Brother tells him that BB have given housemates enough sufficient water, and that housemates are grown up enough to distribute between them.

heidi spencer

Erm Big Brother???  The whole reason Speidi are in the house is precisely because they are not mature enough for this.  Whilst Austin is seriously losing his stuff in the diary room, the cameras flash over to Heidi and Spencer fist bumping each other in celebration.  I mean, what the heck?!?!#

28 minutes later and Austin has calmed down enough to re- enter the house.  Until he literally walked out the diary room to have Spencer trying to wind things back up again.  Spencer follows him around baiting him, and when he doesn’t get a reaction, he and Heidi go to the diary room to show great glee in taking the water.  Spencer admits he loves the drama, where the rest of the housemates are outside discussing the night’s events and realizing the honeymoon period with Speidi is officially over.

After all that, we cut to live footage from the house.  It is explained that the edited out housemates have lost their nomination rights (but can be nominated), however the two newbies that survived the editing process will have be granted great powers later that night.  These two housemates, are Angie and Jamie O’Hara.  Speidi look like they’ve swallowed a tarantula.  Guess someone wishes they hadn’t started Watergate so quickly….

Unfortunately, this takes us to the end of the catch up show, with the live show being shown separately.  I am torn between wanting Speidi to be first evicted to watch the smugness be wiped from their faces and epitomized on you tube for prosperity, and them being saved to give me something to cringe at on a nightly basis.  It seems I’ll find out in approximately sixty minutes…..

Celebrity Big Brother- Live Episode


We rejoin the house with the news that nobody will be evicted tonight.  Jamie and Angie are given the power to nominate one of the edited out housemates to face the public vote.  They have the choice between Bianca, Stacy, James Cosmo, Brandon and Ray J.  Each has 15 seconds to put up an argument to stay, with Ray J and Brandon going for comedy value.  Jamie saves Bianca, and Angie tries to save her too.  Angie then realizes she has to go for someone new and goes for Stacy so she can hear her sing (like we’ve not had enough).  Jamie’s second save is Ray J, with Angie’s final save being Brandon.  That leaves James Cosmo up for public nomination with the news that the Producers control of the house is now over.  James C seems very nonplussed.  I still think he only left home for milk and just hasn’t made it back.


And back to the new housemates.  It’s no surprise to find out Jedward are entering the show.  Their only saving grace is that I can see them really blowing Spencer’s mind.  Then again I will have to watch them.  You may find these recaps become shorter….

Jedward have admitted that they watched the opening show but haven’t watched things since so they have no pre-conceived ideas.  Their pre-house interview is boo-ed throughout by the public and the initial 5 minutes shows they are no less annoying than I remember.

The unsuspecting existing housemates are enjoying a wrap party, to celebrate the end of the Producers task, and are summoned to the garden for their Party entertainment, however it’s already been guessed that Jedward will be it.  They all line up, but talk amongst themselves during the big announcement.  And then they walk on stage and start singing.  LOOK WHAT YOU STARTED STACY.  We then learn that their time away wasn’t spent with vocal lessons….

The closing comments drop into conversation that the first eviction will be held next Friday.  That’s a full week with this lot!!!  The only saving grace is Spencer’s face after the big entrance.  When John (or Edward, who knows) goes to speak to him, he looks like he’s been slapped in the face by a fish.  Comical.

And there we have it, the end of the episode.  I don’t envy that house tonight (even with the super funky diary room décor)….


Author: Nicki M

Photo Credit: Celebrity Big Brother/Channel 5