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So here we are, Celebrity Big Brother fans, day 4 in the house which is actually the footage of the daytime footage of the last recap.

Watergate is still weighing on the minds of the housemates.  Austin is in the diary room talking about Heidi and Spencer, Stacy and Ray J are  in the garden talking about Heidi and Spencer, and Heidi and Spencer are in the bedroom talking about Austin (They missed the memo).

cbb day 4

The main consensus is that whilst Spencer is the one that causes the issue, Heidi is the one that sets him up with the cause.  Obviously that’s not Spencer’s consensus.  He’s trying to say that had he taken wine or beer, then he could obviously understand the problem, but with water, completely different thing.  Apparently Ray J heard Heidi ask Spencer to give the water back, but apparently he had drunk them.  #theresnohope

Bianca and Coleen are discussing the possibility of new housemates.  It’s noted that there is one spare space, but they think it might be Jedward.  Coleen turns a different color and states she couldn’t live with them……we could have a problem.

Ray J, Austin and James are talking about gun control in America.  In the state of Indiana, you are apparently allowed to shoot someone if you think that person is going to kill someone else. I’m steering away from this conversation.  As Austin says, Brits will not understand the thought process behind gun legislation as it’s not something that we’re used to so it’s not something I should comment on.

Thankfully our celebrities don’t like to dwell too much on the serious side of life, so we don’t have to wait long before we join a conversation between Bianca, Nicola and Jamie about his divorce settlement and cash problems.  And voila, reason number one for most of these housemates for entering the house- the money!!  Jamie volunteers the information that whilst at Fulham he was paying out his wages to his ex and living off his savings.  Almost feel sorry for him till I realize his idea of savings isn’t what’s found at the back of the couch on a monthly basis like mine.  Maybe we should introduce him to couponing.….

In all fairness, he does seem genuine in that he believes he should pay less now that he is earning less (my football/soccer knowledge is somewhat [very] limited but apparently he is currently unsigned to a team right now).  The divorce between himself and Danielle Lloyd was quite a harsh one, although some lose complete sympathy as it was he that cheated, but we never know what goes on behind closed doors, and you can’t give something you haven’t got.  Maybe Danielle should get a job, like us normal folks do.  Hey Ho.  Links quite nicely to the next segment where a few housemates are outside talking about the WAG (wives and girlfriends of footballers) status and Austin asks Nicola if there are girls that deliberately set out to become one, which she retorts yes Jamie met one and married one….they all laugh jovially whilst Jamie mentally makes a note to book a solicitor’s appointment on the outside…  I see a revised court order coming.

Jamie and Jasmine are having a bit of a flirt and Angie jokes that Calum will kill them both.  I smell showmance.

Nicola is in the diary room discussing the first few days and the bonds that are developing.  Bianca and Jasmine are getting on well which she’s bit jealous of and feels a bit left out, Jamie and Calum are bromancing, Brandon and James C (which I find most amusing and unexpected).  I think Nicola is finding it hard to find her footing in the house, so I hope that she settles soon.  Her last season wasn’t enjoyable for her, so she could do with a nice run.

celebrity big brother day 4

We move on to later in the day and Big Brother is playing crowd noise into the house.  This puts the housemates on edge and James C is in the diary room explaining that the uncertainty of Big Brother games, something that is being reiterated by Coleen in the garden.  James asks BB if he can play a prank on everyone and pretend he his packing up his stuff and leaving (the wee trickster!)  BB tells him he can do what he likes, and he starts getting his stuff.  Stacy doesn’t question and gives him a hug, whereas Ray J looks suitably unhappy.  Coleen pauses from her cup of tea to call him a liar, and carries on drinking like a true brit.  He admits defeat (He can’t beat a good cup of tea) and gives it up that it was a joke.  Stacy pretends to care more.  Bless her.

We’re now at the timescale of the live show, and we get to see more of the conversation that was happening at the time.  Austin seems pretty confused about Jedward and their entrance to the house whilst singing a song (“who is this?”, “Is this really a group or are the playing?”, “Are they joking??”, “oh, ok, I’m sorry”- as are we Austin, as are we…. on behalf of the British public that made these two happen, we’re sorry too….”).  Bless him he even points out the ‘hot’ one.  Quite a feat considering they’re identical twins and I’ve not been able to tell the difference for 10 years.  They handily inform the housemates there is a difference with their ears and teeth.  Thankfully I’ve never been close enough to utilize this.


Edward (of Jedward, I know this because Big Brother said so) is called to the Diary room as he had fallen off stage on the way in to the house and the medics would like to make sure he is ok.  He seems fine but his quiff is dropping, so I think this might be his life force sign.  Like when a plant is dying, it droops, so when Jedward’s quiff sags, we call the emergency services…to be fair, Edward shows his first ever moment of self- awareness when it transpires he needs to visit hospital for checks, and he is still wearing his stage clothes.  He seems suitable embarrassed.  There’s hope yet.

Whilst Edward is getting CPR on his hair, the other housemates are finding the newbies entrance slightly more palatable as they note how Spencer will struggle to deal.  Their glee makes their despair fade a little, but saying that, it hasn’t been one night yet.  Jedward and Speidi are comparing joint names status.  Like a kinship.  That no one else wants to belong to.  John makes the mistake of talking water.  Speidi light up like a Christmas tree at the thought of dragging someone else into the drama whilst Austin is in the store room crying, Bianca and then Coleen.  The sign for the Tumble Dryer is still there.  Bless.

John (of Jedward) and Speidi are bonding.  I think it’s just because no one else likes them.  I do hope they don’t pair up as an alliance.  You may find these recaps becoming substantially shorter.  They discuss Brandon and Spencer is singing his praises as a DJ where John says that he needs to be more relevant that just 20 years ago…. Lets not ask him about Elvis….

We move to Jasmine in the Diary room saying she wants to kill Stacy.  Got to be honest, didn’t see that one coming.  She also complains that Stacy is always trying to sit with her, and thinks that it is because Jasmine is cuter than she is…..words fail me.  I was almost pleased that Edward came back in the house.

Its bed time and there’s some flanter (flirty banter) with Calum and Jasmine, with Jamie being involved by default. Calum lays it on thick, but the night ends with everyone in their rightful beds, including Jedward and the house gets some sleep ready for the commotion that will be day 5 in the house…

Author: Nicki M.

Photo Credit: Channel5