Celebrity Big Brother Recap – Day 18

We’re back to the day of the Celebrity Big Brother eviction. Stacy Francis and Jessica Cunningham are trying to talk out their disagreement and getting nowhere quickly. Stacy has a slightly different recollection to the incident than Jessica (and the cameras who kindly recapped). I say slightly, I mean majorly. Stacy‘s version strangely did not involve screaming and swearing. Needless to say, they give up without resolution.

Nicola McLean and Spencer Pratt are talking about Kim Woodburn and how quiet she’s been over the last few days. Spencer notes that behavior like that, just trying to get arguments and playing the game, is hard to keep up, and says that he tried it for three weeks and struggled.


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Thankfully we have a secret task to distract us. Jessica is called into the diary room first and told that Nicola will be placed on a secret mission where she has to give her answers to questions on her thoughts on other housemates. This isn’t actually the task through, the task is unknown to Nicola. Jessica will have to predict, with the other housemates, who Nicola will chose.

This is Big Brother’s sneaky way of getting Nicola to tell all the other housemates what she thinks of them.

Nicola is first asked who she thinks is the most unreasonable housemate, and she chooses Jedward. Jessica and the house predicted correctly and score one for the task. Next is the housemate she considers as least deserving of their place in the house.  Nicola chooses Kim, and again, housemates predict correctly. Finally, Nicola is asked who she thinks is most desperate for airtime. Housemates predict Kim, but Nicola says Jedward again.

When it comes to the announcement, Jedward take offense at Nicola picking them twice, and even Kim sticks up for her. She’s a completely changed woman. Speidi clearly had a point, but again, even they try to calm the waters to Jedward by suggesting that she was probably fed up of picking Kim all the time. Speidi make peace? Kim stick up for Nicola? I need to lie down, the world is about to implode…

On a side note, someone needs a word with Kim about tidemarks and foundation. You merge it into your hair and neckline, my lovely. Merge. It’s like she’s walked into wet paint head on. And boredom has clearly entered the house, James Cosmo is getting his hair blow-dried by Jedward. If he starts wearing a quiff, I swear, I will hunt them down.

Celebrity Big Brother recap

Back to the eviction and the aftermath, and as Chloe Ferry is voted out, Stacy bursts into tears. Like, full on sobs. Until she realizes it is task time again, then you’d never guess.

Housemates chose the eternally immune (James C) and eternally nominated (Speidi) and you know it’s just going to kick off after alcohol o’clock. As we start ticking, Stacy gets a wee bit creepy with Calum Best’s picture, rubbing it all over her body (not so upset now, are we, lovey?). Calum looks nervous.

James C speaks to Speidi about nominating them, and Spencer makes the point that James C is classed as hero of the housemate, so for him to nominate them over Kim, really makes them look bad. James is devastated and explains that he really didn’t mean it that way; something that he speaks of again in the diary room saying that he made a mistake. Speidi do act quite graceful with him, but you can tell they’re really sore.  There is talk about a trip to Italy. It sounds like they said that if they weren’t in the house, they were meant to be there, so I’m not sure James C didn’t do it for that either – we don’t get the full story. Spencer’s main gripe is about Kim getting through and not him.

It’s not all about the eternal nomination either. We flick to Bianca and Jamie, and B is not a happy bunny that she voted for Jamie for immunity but he chose someone else.  She tells him that it’s planted a seed of doubt, and he has to convince her that an immunity vote has nothing to do with a relationship. Someone’s not getting his oats anyway.

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Also, OMG, Speidi are falling out over the James C thing too. Heidi tries to stick up for him, whilst Spencer is mid rant, and he whips into her. Things must be intense if they’re having a bicker. It seems to have worked though as Spencer is now blaming Nicola instead of James C. His logic is that if James C had seen Nicola vote for them for eternal immunity, rather than Coleen, he may have thought more of them to not vote them for nominations.

It’s all very complicated, but ends with Nicola in tears in the diary room (In color co-ordinated socks and hoodie. I’m impressed. It takes me all my effort to wear matching shoes). She has a sob, and then goes out, to be replaced by Speidi who is now putting all the blame on her and saying she’s blocked from their social media (must be serious). Spencer really goes to town, and shows the worse side of himself, just as I was getting to like the other. If he’d taken it well, he could have turned it into a major positive. Not sure if he’s making it worse for himself now though.

We leave the house with everyone walking on eggshells and overthinking EVERYTHING. For the sake of sanity, I hope it all gets smoothed out. But for the sake of entertainment, bring on tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Channel 5