Dorit Kemsley Wants To “Move On From This Panty Nonsense Once And For All” On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

I already disliked the word “panties,” but after the (way too drawn out) pantygate story line on this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I feel like if I never hear it ever again it wouldn’t be enough for me. I am hoping that after Dorit Kemsley’s apology tour that she is really done with talking about Erika Jayne’s lack of undies and her various “misunderstandings” with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. I just want something new to happen in the next episode.

I am so over the repetitive nature of RHOBH this season. I need an actual story line to watch. After many seasons of multiple plots per episode, the fans were subjected to the horrible Season 6 centered all around Munchausen accusations. This season is a teeny bit better, but we need new things to go down in the upcoming episodes and no more mentions of drama that has already been overly discussed.


Of course, Dorit has to recap and react to the last episode in her blog for Bravo, but I am hoping that she is on my page with a desire to look ahead and move past the ridiculous incidents that have gone down this season.

Dorit played nice with her take on Erika and Kyle Richards escaping the more annoying cast members taking a trip to Greece. Dorit mused, “This week it was nice watching Erika shoot her music video and see how she transforms herself into Erika Jayne for the stage. I was dancing along to her music. It’s upbeat and about having fun, which I can totally appreciate.” Really? I haven’t seen you have fun this entire season. Unless talking about Erika’s vagina over and over again is your idea of a good time. Dorit added, “Both Erika and Kyle look like they had fun on their trip to Greece.” Of course they did. They left the bull shit behind in Beverly Hills.

Aside from being an obedient LVP soldier, I don’t blame Dorit for commenting on the story line with Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd supporting their son Max Todd’s journey to learn more about his adoption and his birth parents. It really was a touching story and it was nice to see the typically guarded Vanderpump share her vulnerable side. Dorit said, “I think it’s beautiful that Max wants to know more about his heritage and history. I’ve seen Lisa V and Ken give him so much love, and it’s inspiring to see them wholeheartedly support their son in his search to learn more about his birth parents.” For the first time ever, I absolutely agree with Dorit. It was a great thing to say and I bet it was relatable for other adoptive parents.

Of course Dorit had to touch on her awkward lunch with Eileen and Rinna where they had to beat the same topic to the ground, yet again. Dorit remarked, “I’m personally glad that Eileen and Lisa R my lunch invite and we had a chance to chat and clear the air. I do like to talk and feel that communication is so important.” That’s funny considering that pretty much every time she has communicated with a cast member who is not LVP, she has offended them. But then again, that’s what’s going to motivate Bravo to re-sign her as a Housewife next year, so maybe she really is an expert in communication… her communication objectives just might not line up with what we would expect from her.

After that bit about lunch with Rinna and Eileen, Dorit randomly talked about her husband PK Kemsley (who pretty much no one is a fan of). She remarked, “On the other hand, my husband PK cracks me up. He is short and to the point and says it the way it is. He knows just what to say to make me feel happy, inspired and supported.” Yeah, I’m not really “cracking up” at any of the comments that he’s made about Erika’s vagina or the deaths of Rinna and Eileen’s relatives. Not exactly my type of “humor,” but maybe that’s a “British thing”- cue my eye roll.

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Dorit made me hopeful for the RHOBH episodes to come when she concluded her blog by saying “I enjoyed seeing Eileen and Lisa R for lunch and put our differences behind us. Hopefully we are moving on from this panty nonsense once and for all.” AMEN.

And it looks like I have my wish, since it seems like this week Dorit has her target set on Rinna’s back instead of Erika’s vagina (since Erika is still in Greece, maybe?). But anyway, the previews looked juicy with Dorit, Rinna and Eden joking about Xanax smoothies. And on the lighter side Erika is showing Kyle how to lighten up and be fun for once by sexing it up in a one piece bathing suit. Let’s hope the new episode lives up to the hype.

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