Debra Danielsen as her rap alterego "Debz OG"

Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen Hopes Her Rap Career And Teen Mom OG Special Will Inspire Others

Obviously, it takes a special person to spawn the wunderkind that is Farrah Abraham. And that special person is Debra Danielsen. Which is why Farrah’s equally controversial mom landed her own MTV special, Being Debra.

“I think people will laugh and I think they will be inspired,” Debra gushed about her Teen Mom OG special.

As it turns out, Being Debra is about more than just bringing Farrah onto this earth or getting scammed out of thousands by online lovers – it means becoming a menopausal mama rapper, called Debz OG, who is in the process of starting her own record label to bring people together through music. I suppose Debra is just following in her daughter’s footsteps and blowin’ all the haters away.


Other than the sheer magnitude of what she has given the reality TV universe, what is inspiring about Debra?

“I tend to be a person that is tenacious, so even though things look like they’re going south or they’re going in the wrong direction, I have a positive attitude,” she tells Cosmo, “and I try to make lemonade out of lemons.” Or in the case of Farrah, sex tapes into porno careers.

“I have been a businesswoman my entire life,” Debra adds. “I’m a global businesswoman, lived and worked all over the world. I’ve always loved music.”

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Anyway, ’bout that rap career – it arose from Debra’s own musical inspirations, Drake and Nicki Minaj, and turned into Debz OG. “To me, rap music is talking about what’s real, what’s affecting people. I love it, I take it seriously and I think it’s ‘bring people together’ music.”

On Instagram, Debra posted the pic above and advertised, “Debz OG is hitting this week on Apps near you! Dance to it!”

Debra maintains that rap is for all people – even middle-aged white women from wealthy backgrounds, because it’s about hard work. Debra says, “I sort feel like a little teenager,” adding, “Now I’ve got time to make music a bigger priority in my life.”

Debra is not daunted by critics – she hopes to inspire other Baby Boomers “to get busy.” Also, she has a big supporter in Farrah, “She was proud.”

For years we’ve been watching Farrah and Debra’s rocky relationship, but they’re now in a much better place thanks to Debra’s decision to “stand down” and no longer play “mama Marine” against Farrah’s determination to make bad choices.

“I’m letting her be herself, and I’m learning how to be more supportive, because I do believe I need to do that. I totally get that she needs to self-actualize more and that’s what she’s doing.”

Debra does admit that it’s still hard for her to watch Teen Mom OG – she’s often turned to Jesus to deal with Farrah’s antics. “I watch it, I cry, and then I sit down and I pray. Then some days I also think, because I’m looking back several months, ‘Oh, look at how much progress we’ve made now.’ Or ‘look at how far we’ve come now.’ You count your blessings as well.”

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Counting her blessing means seeing the positives and not regretting their decision oh-so-many years ago to become part of 16 And Pregnant. “There’s so many people that reach out to us on a daily basis or stop us and tell us what [the show] has meant to them and how it has changed their lives,” says Debra.

Debra cites all the viewers who “relate” to what Farrah is going through. Debra also believes “the world would have been lesser for it” had she and Farrah not been given this incredible platform to show off their creativity and business-sense to the world. Um. well, once again – reaffirming that narcissism runs in the family!

Oh, and Debra is also definitely getting married to Dr. Michael. She knows he is the one!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]