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Eden Sassoon Is Annoyed That The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast Doesn’t Let Her Speak

Eden Sassoon

I feel like sobriety is this season’s Munchausen Syndrome on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Thanks to Lisa Rinna’s instigation, Eden Sassoon’s attempt to stop Kyle Richards from “enabling” Kim Richards’s to slip with her sobriety has been the story line that never ends. I can’t decide which story line has overstayed its welcome more: this one or the ongoing Pantygate tension with Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi. But anyway, as expected, Eden has been adamantly defending her actions with the Richards sisters.

Eden has insisted over and over again that she was only “acting from a place of concern” since she can relate to Kim and Kyle’s dynamic since she is a sober woman whose her sister died from an overdose. On top of that, she was acting based on what Rinna told her instead of making decisions based on her own interactions with Kim and Kyle. Eden has not had a great reception from the RHOBH fandom, so it’s only natural that she would want to defend herself. But it’s definitely going to be an uphill battle for her…


The entire thing is just such a mess. And it’s just crazy to me that Kim is not even a cast member yet her life has given a story line to Eden, Kyle, and Rinna. Don’t the three of them have something else going on that would provide some interesting entertainment? Anything at all? Apparently not. Yes, I get that Kyle has to defend her sister, so I do understand her obvious involvement here, but I just wish that Eden and Rinna brought up different conversation topics. For once.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case and we pretty much know nothing about Eden at this point other than the fact that she has dating apps downloaded on her phone. So as expected, Eden’s latest Bravo blog entry is still about this drama with Rinna and the Richards sisters.

Eden wrote, “All I have to say is THANK YOU, Carnie Wilson! You were able to put into words what I guess I couldn’t.” I was also feeling Carnie’s presence. Maybe she should join the cast next season.  She breaks the mold from the “typical” Housewives and she has a lot of reality TV experience.

Eden quoted Carnie’s words from the episode: “They’ve lost sisters. You have to be compassionate, for if they judge a little too quickly, it’s all fear and sadness in there. And that’s their character defense, that they have to reel it in and go, ‘Whoa! Check, I’m doing that again.’” We all feel bad that Eden and Rinna have sisters who have passed away from their struggles to remain sober. It is truly devastating. The issue that Kim, Kyle, and a lot of viewers have lies in the way these two channel their experiences when they interact with the Richards sisters. Intent aside, there is definitely some social tact missing from the equation. Plus, Eden was greatly mislead by Rinna who literally told her that Kim is “close to death.” And yes, I know that Eden should have verified that information before taking any action.

Eden revealed, “After having that conversation with my mom, I finally understood how it looked. It looked like I was trying to insert myself into Kyle and Kim’s life.” Exactly. Still, Eden insisted, “But that truly wasn’t the case! Like Carnie said, that was my character defense. I immediately felt the need to help, and it escalated the situation.” Unfortunately Eden did not communicate her concern in a helpful way….to put it mildly.

Eden pleaded, “BUT, I also need this group to let me speak! Even at this dessert tasting, I am trying to speak to Kim, and I can’t get a word in. They don’t want me to tell my side of the story. I’m trying to tell them that I never questioned Kim’s sobriety. It’s on the tip on my tongue, but they won’t let me say it! #Interrupted.”

I get what she’s saying about wanting to explain where she’s coming from with her insertion into the Richards family dynamics, but for her to say that she “never questioned Kim’s sobriety” is ridiculous. She cited so many of Kim’s behavior as actions that “sober people don’t do,” she even said that Kim being nervous for the birth of her grandchild was not indicative of a sober person during that episode when Dorit threw that surprise party for her husband.

The RHOBH newbie complained, “I mean, god, every time I turn around, there is another confessional from Kim and Kyle about how I disgust them or how much torture it will be if I come up to talk to them. How are they supposed to understand where I am coming from, or even act like they have compassion for me, if they won’t let me speak to them? #GetToKnowMe”

Eden brought up that constantly referenced Game night episode: “And please, Kim: Forgive me for stepping in on a conversation that was going NOWHERE at Game Night. I was trying to help you two actually hear each other so that you didn’t have to continue ripping each other apart!” Maybe these ladies should stop having game nights? Nothing good ever seems to come from those.

Aside from talking about how mad she was by Kim and Kyle’s reception to her actions, Eden did show some compassion for Kim: “It was emotional hearing Kim open up about her struggles. I relate on so many levels. I really do understand where she is coming from, which is why I want nothing but the best for her. I believe she can learn to understand me in the future, and I hope it’s sooner rather than later.  #SoberFriends.” It looks like that’s going to later rather than sooner since Kim lays into Eden every Tuesday night on Twitter.

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I totally get why Kim would be hating on Eden, but I feel like Rinna should be taking the most responsibility for this ordeal. Eden (sort of) acknowledged this, “On another note… RINNA OWNED HER TRUTH. Finally.”

Moving on, one situation where I will definitely defend Eden is against the people who are hating on her for telling Lisa Vanderpump that Rinna said Kim was “close to death.” First off, this is a reality show: they are paid and instructed to recap each other’s conversations. Second, it was clear that Kim and Kyle were not at all receptive to Eden inserting herself in their lives (not that anyone would enjoy that), so it made sense for her to tell Vanderpump (who has been friends with the sisters for a while) how she formed her opinions. Apparently, I’m one of the few people that gets Eden on this part.

Eden shared, “I still took a lot of heat for repeating what she told me to Vanderpump. A LOT. Again, I told Vanderpump because I was at a point where I needed someone to listen to the situation I was put in. It was not to continue the spreading of a terrible rumor. It was not meant to hurt Kim. And I can only thank Vanderpump for understanding that I am not the one to blame in this situation and voicing that opinion on camera.”

Eden made it a point to declare, “Note To Self: As a recovering alcoholic, I will never turn my back on someone that needs help. Ever.”

I get that Eden meddled because of Rinna’s words, but was she just looking for a way to get camera time? Maybe she wants a promotion from being a “friends of the Housewives” this season to holding those diamonds in the opening credits next year.  Is/was she actually concerned about Kim like she has repeatedly claimed? And most importantly, can we just move on to another story line? This is the topic of almost all conversations. Can we see something else?

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