Eden Sassoon Thinks Dorit Kemsley's Shady Comments To Erika Girardi Were Unnecessary And Uncomfortable
LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 22: Eden Sassoon attends the OK! Magazine's Annual Pre-Oscar Event on February 22, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/Getty Images)

Eden Sassoon Thinks Dorit Kemsley’s Shady Comments To Erika Girardi Were Unnecessary And Uncomfortable

Well, this is rich coming from the woman who’s consistently made nearly every cast mate (and viewer) of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills feel itchy and squirmy with her creepy, intrusive behavior for the past two months! Yes, our very own Kim Richards  interventionist herself, Eden Sassoon, is now calling out Dorit Kemsley’s  comments to Erika Girardi as inappropriate and “uncomfortable” to watch. Looks like battle lines are being drawn for the forthcoming Dorit verus Erika face off in Hong Kong!

Before she dissects that showdown, Eden comments on Kyle Richards’ party the best way she knows how: WITH A MILLION HASHTAGS. Sigh. “As you guys know by now, I love social media #LOL. I’m on it all the time. So I knew the Fat Jewish before going to the party at Kyle’s store. Her store is beautiful! I loved getting to shop while I was hanging out! But, even more than that, I loved watching Kyle get a lap dance from the Fat Jewish #Dying. I don’t think many could hear me in the background, but if you listen close, I was telling her to spank him. #EdenStyle ”


As for awkward moments at the party, Eden places Dorit’s treatment of Erika at the top of her list. She asks, “why does Dorit always have to make it uncomfortable between her and Erika? I was confused watching that. Erika so clearly gave Dorit a genuine compliment, and Dorit had to make it a big deal and try to make Erika feel bad. That wasn’t necessary.”

And although Eileen Davidson was “accidentally” invited along to Lisa Vanderpump’s Hong Kong trip, Eden claims that she received no such shady treatment! Her invitation was extended fair and square…as she sees it.

Eden explains in her blog, “How about Erika inviting Eileen on the Hong Kong trip? #Priceless. And I would just like to make it clear that when I walked over, I asked what they were talking about, and they all started joking about throwing all of the invitations out, because clearly the entire group was going to Hong Kong… Then when Lisa Vanderpump ASKED me if I wanted to go to Hong Kong, of course I said yes! Who would ever say no? That would be nuts! Hong Kong is amazing, just breathtaking. Like I said, I’ll buy my own flight, but let’s go! #Adventure”

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Next, Eden reflects on Erika’s trip home to Georgia, and says it gave her some new insights into her cast mate. “I enjoyed getting to see a different side of Erika in this episode. I always see this beautiful, confident girl at the events we go to, but it was really nice to see her being so vulnerable. The trip was emotional but very empowering for women!”

“Having to reflect on the past (her grandmother, how she was raised) and realize that’s why you were molded into the person you are today is very important,” continues Eden. “That type of reflection helps you understand yourself. She is searching, as are we… especially me! God, I’m always searching for something #TypicalEden. I just appreciated her honest conversations with her mother, because I can relate.”

Eden closes by informing viewers that there will be “Plenty of drama and adventure!” in Hong Kong, including Eden meeting up with some rando she found online. She teases that she doesn’t “want to give anything away, but guys this is my #LoveStory. I can’t be #Tamed. I just want to be free and open to anything when it comes to love.”

In a final touch of irony, Eden leaves us to ponder this mantra: “Note To Self: You never know someone’s past, so don’t judge their present!” Ermmm…perhaps that advice would have come in handy before rabidly trying to “save” the Richards sisters from themselves? Then again, maybe not. HASHTAG MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.


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