Eileen Davidson

Another day, another teaser about the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion. This time, Eileen Davidson is spilling some tea about what we can expect when the ladies get together to rehash a doozie of a season. Though she wasn’t in the middle of most of the drama, Eileen admits the reunion still took a toll on her.

“I could actually not put two words together this morning,” said Eileen the day after taping the reunion. “It’s crazy. I actually sound halfway intelligent. I couldn’t have been this clear yesterday.”


Telling TooFab that the reunion left her “shell-shocked,” Eileen intimates that she tried to maintain her composure as fireworks went off all around her on the couches – most likely between Lisa Rinna and nearly every other cast member.

Teasing that “you’ll just have to watch” to find out who said what, Eileen did confess that she didn’t achieve her coveted role of being peacemaker within the group. (Did she assign this role to herself?!) “I’m not entirely sure I was successful. I can’t really say anything else.”

On a more positive front, Eileen says her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump has improved over the course of the season. She credits this growth to the time spent in Hong Kong witnessing Lisa’s work against Yulin. “It kind of helped solve some iciness between the two of us and helped us reach some sort of an understanding, I suppose,” she shares.

In fact, Eileen thinks the trip to Hong Kong was overall “a very positive trip, but for sure there was a lot of you-know-what that hit the fan.” That you-know-what largely came from Eileen’s ally, Lisa Rinna. So, what does she think of her friend’s involvement in nearly EVERY SINGLE mess this year?

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True to form, Eileen praises Rinna for “owning it” when it came to finally remembering what she’d said about Kim Richards’ sobriety. Yet, interestingly, Eileen doesn’t comment whatsoever on Rinna’s latest move: Questioning Dorit Kemsley on whether or not she does cocaine.

Instead, Eileen lamely chalks up tensions on the trip to sleeplessness and jet lag. She claims, “When you’re jet-lagged and exhausted, all unresolved feelings tend to come to the surface…So as you can see, lots of unresolved stuff between Erika [Girardi] and Dorit kind of hits at the boat. It kind of keeps on going, too. There’s not a lot of resolution on this trip, and a lot of stuff is brought to the forefront.”

Eileen also thinks that a severe lack of communication skills is to blame for the continued drama. She says that some women “just say what they wanna say, especially if it’s a lie. A lot of them just think the more they repeat it, that they’ll somehow make it true. And it gets very frustrating, but I just always try to remain focused and centered. It’s difficult.”

If by “some women,” Eileen meant Lisa Rinna, then I’d agree wholeheartedly! Sadly, I think Eileen will be ride or die for Rinna until the bitter end. She will go down with that boat, no matter how junky.

Reports that Rinna got pretty beat up at the reunion have already surfaced, however, so it will be interesting to see how much energy Eileen puts into defending her bestie when the heat is really turned up on those reunion couches.


Photo Credit: Bravo