Eden Sassoon

It has been tough for me to find sympathy for Eden Sassoon this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but I definitely felt bad for her after Erika Girardi rejected and made fun of the friendship ring she bought her during the Hong Kong trip. Sure, I felt like it was a little off-base since I am pretty sure that these two had zero alone time the whole season.

Nevertheless, Erika’s reaction was unkind and unnecessary. I have been ride or die Erika Jayne from the start, but it’s tough to defend her antics in Hong Kong. Then again, every human being is bound to have an unflattering moment or two if her life is filmed for months at a time.


To be honest, Erika’s rude reaction to Eden’s friendship ring was the best thing to happen to Eden this season. This is the one thing that pretty much everyone could side with her on. It’s like a small-scale version of Kanye West ripping the microphone away from Taylor Swift at the VMA’s. It really made people jump to Team Taylor and this ring incident is going to give Eden some much-needed support.

This is the one time Eden legitimately has something to complain about and she took the opportunity to talk about her hurt feelings in her Bravo blog about the last episode.

Eden recalled, “I knew Erika was still exhausted from her emotional dinner and feeling a bit down, so when she saw a ring she really liked, I bought it for her to cheer her up.”

I think that was actually a really nice gesture. Calling it a “friendship ring” was giving me a flashback to Cynthia Bailey asking NeNe Leakes to sign that friendship contract a few years ago. Still, it seemed like Eden was trying to be nice and I figured Erika would accept any ally given that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were clearly siding with Dorit Kemsley after the junk boat spat.

Eden complained, “OF COURSE she had to make it more than it was, saying it was a weird exchange and that she didn’t want it. Why can’t I do anything nice for anyone? If I was super upset about something that I was involved in, and someone bought me a small gift to just say, hey I’m here, and I recognize how you’re feeling, that would mean the world to me! Why haven’t I learned yet that these women think my giving is weird?!”

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From the long hugs to the friendship ring, no one in this cast wants anything from Eden… which I get to a certain extent, but still, there’s no need to make fun of someone just because she awkwardly gifted you a ring.

Eden declared, “I’m never going to change who I am, though. If I want to buy someone a gift to try and cheer them up, I am going to buy them a freaking gift to cheer them up! #Jeeze”

On a lighter note, Eden shared, “Lisa’s Diamonds and Rosé party was beautiful. She truly transformed her backyard into a fairytale!” And this was just a random party. It wasn’t for a birthday or an anniversary. Lisa just transformed her backyard – casually. I was living for it.

Eden teased drama with Lisa Rinna: “And as you can see in that promo… I think I finally found my voice. It was time a certain someone knew how I was feeling.” I find it hard to justify most of Eden’s actions this season, but it would have been a much different season for her if Rinna wasn’t in her ear spreading rumors. I am surprised Eden didn’t explode at Rinna sooner.

Eden concluded, “Note To Self: Never stop being who you are. You can’t please everyone.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]