Kandi Burruss

The demise of Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks’s friendship is way more drastic than any of the romantic breakups I’ve seen in the Real Housewives franchise. These two went from being genuine besties to all out enemies with no boundaries when it comes to revealing private information or exacting revenge. So at this point, I’m not shocked that Phaedra met with Kandi’s former employee about a lawsuit against her.

Sure, Phaedra did turn over the case to another attorney, but she did film with the dude multiple times. It just seemed like filming those scenes was the reality TV version of posting a subtweet – the whole thing seemed so calculated and beyond passive aggressive. So obviously Kandi had a lot to say after watching the episode back.


Before Kandi got into the Phaedra drama, she talked about Cynthia Bailey’s Cargo fashion show in her Bravo blog. She said, “I loved it! Cynthia did a great job. I really loved seeing Noelle [Robinson] and Kairo [Whitfield] doing their thing on the runway!”

Kandi was asked if she was shocked to see Phaedra bring her former employee to another attorney and Kandi declared, “Not really. She just wanted to do the snake move of having her friend represent him so that she can pretend she doesn’t have anything to do with it.” That’s exactly how it came off to me as well. If she really wanted to stay out of Kandi’s business, then she wouldn’t have filmed with Johnnie and she would have just referred him to another lawyer, off camera. Obviously it was all done to get a rise out of Kandi and to make naive viewers think that Phaedra was being the bigger person by helping this man and introducing him to another attorney.

Kandi was also pretty appalled by some of the accusations that Johnnie threw her way. She said, “Watching that whole meeting was a mess to me. Johnnie did not give me the idea to do the Old Lady Gang restaurant. Todd [Tucker] had tried to buy a restaurant facility on two separate occasions years ago, but I told him to wait because I didn’t think it was the right time. The theme of our restaurant is based around my mom and aunts. Not sure how Johnnie is saying we took this from him?”

“He also said that we took the theme for our play from him. That is false. My play A Mother’s Love is about my life that you saw on the show a few seasons ago when my mom and Todd weren’t getting along. I wrote every single song and I mapped out the story with a professional writer by the name of Chiquita Lockley, whom I paid to help me bring my real life drama to the stage. You can still order your own copy at”

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Kandi said, “I had never even had an argument with Johnnie prior to this season. It’s sad to see two people that I once was cool with sit there and plot to try and figure out a way to get money out of me.” She even declared, “Well, one wants money and the other wants revenge I guess. Oh well! Y’all go ahead and hate while I be great!” I’m just anticipating a total blood bath at the reunion. I’m sure that Kandi and Phaedra will be coming for each other. Hard.

And tonight’s episode looks like it’s going to make things even worse between Kandi and Phaedra based on the episode description. According to the Bravo site, “Tensions run high as Kandi and Todd race to get the Old Lady Gang restaurant up and running in time for their ‘family and friends’ preview.”

I’m not too captivated by that restaurant story line. Good for them, chasing after that paper, but I’m just not here for the self-promotion fest. Still, something super interesting does go down at that event: “As the ladies gather to celebrate at the Old Lady Gang preview event, an unexpected guest shows up, leading to new revelations about Phaedra and Apollo’s divorce.” And Apollo’s girlfriend Sherien Almufti shows up to stir shit up. So tacky, but I’m so pumped to watch.

Aside from that forced drama, we will also get see “Cynthia and Peter’s divorce reaches the end of the road and Porsha Williams hosts some Frick and Frack festivities to celebrate Phaedra’s birthday.” Yawn. Where are Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield in that episode description?


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