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Eden Sassoon Is Done Being Lisa Rinna’s Scapegoat

It’s no secret that I (and plenty of other viewers) have been hating on Eden Sassoon ever since her first episode on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Still, I can’t help feeling like Lisa Rinna used her as a scapegoat in her vendetta against Kim Richards and her quest for more screen time. So I was actually pumped when Eden remembered that she has a speaking role on this show and came at Rinna during the season finale. Rinna deserved to have her ass handed to her after the crap she pulled all year. Is Eden the hero we were all hoping for this season? Maybe…


In this week’s Bravo blogs, Eden wrote, “Thank God you all have eyes and ears, because Rinna CAN NOT get out of this one.” YES. Finally. Who would have thought that Eden of all people would have been the one to check Rinna!? But whatever, I’m happy about it. For once I can say I am #TeamEden on this one. I’m even adding hash tags to paragraph the way she does.

Eden continued, “I find it comical that she told Erika [Girardi] that I came to her about the conversation Dorit [Kemsley] and I had about her behavior… is she having a relapse of her short-term memory loss?!” Right? Apparently memory loss is the go-to excuse for poor behavior this season. But anyway, it is ridiculous that Rinna lied to Erika about ANOTHER conversation that she had with Eden on camera – as if we weren’t all going to see it. It makes zero sense.

Eden recalled, “I never spoke about that conversation until Rinna asked me, in Hong Kong, if Dorit had ever brought it up to me. I don’t lie; you all know this. So when she asked, I told her. But please, Rinna, DO NOT act as if I should have had your back when you have done nothing but make my life more difficult with these women. #BitchPlease.”

Seriously though. Rinna threw Eden under the bus and completely ruined Eden’s chance at being friends with anyone in the cast. I don’t really understand the alliance that Erika and Eileen Davidson have with Lisa Rinna. Sure, she goes batshit crazy  to defend them, but I don’t get how they defend the stuff she does. It baffles me. And Eden agrees with me since she asked, “And what is it that Erika has against me to agree with Rinna that I should have her back?! I guess because Rinna was the only one that had Erika’s back in Hong Kong, Erika will now just agree with anything she says?”

Eden claimed, “I don’t want to be perceived as a troublemaker, because I’m not!” Well, sorry Eden. That is where we are going to have to disagree, but she did cause trouble under Rinna-induced false pretenses, so it’s a grey area.

Eden ranted, “I did speak up, Rinna, when I was asked on the boat if Dorit had said anything to me…but THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM, not mine! I don’t need to speak up any more than I did if I don’t want to… I’m not letting your drama be my drama anymore! And please, don’t try and give me a therapy session about my reactions to this situation and my family history. I have a great therapist… maybe you should go see her! #EvilEnergy” And that’s where she lost me. I agree with what she’s saying, but actions speak louder than words. Eden messed with Kim and Kyle Richards’s family situation the entire season and tried to be their unsolicited therapist. Pot, meet kettle.

I can just picture Eden screaming in that ballerina ball gown… “STOP POINTING THE FINGER AT ME!”

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But now I’m back to agreeing with Eden when she said what I have been feeling for this entire season: “Who is getting sick of me staring into space? LOL, I can’t stand that #PantyGate is still going on. I can’t stand that husbands are involved. I can’t stand that no one can remember sh–. I pretty much just can’t stand anything, so I stare off into space and think about the positive things going on in my life. These women need to own their sh– and move on!” Pantygate was the most ridiculous story and I just know it’s going to be front and center during the reunion episodes. Kill me now.

Eden declared, “That’s right, Rinna, I have found my words. And don’t ever expect me to not speak up against your bullsh– EVER again. You have treated me like garbage, thrown me to the wolves, and then manipulated me into thinking that I should still have your back. HELL NO. I am so glad to be the one to actual shock you by speaking up. Your face is priceless. That’s right, someone called you on your sh–. #IAmNotYourScapegoat.”

And Eden came for Rinna’s sidekick Eileen as well: “And Eileen… If you knew I was feeling dismissed, why didn’t you tell your crazy friend to stop being mean to me or just try to get to know me yourself? #SpareMe.” I actually like Eileen, but this Rinna influence isn’t a good look for her. She needs to focus her devotion on Erika Jayne or switch it up and worship Lisa Vanderpump.

Eden has made it clear that she’s a Vanderpump soldier and I don’t blame her, that’s definitely the team I would want to be on. Lisa is the queen of this show. Eden recalled, “Vanderpump tells me at the end that I do not need to be loved by everyone. You know, she is right.” She added, “I didn’t handle everything correctly all the time, but if I did learn anything, it’s that I really don’t need everyone to love me.” Yeah, she definitely didn’t “handle everything correctly all the time,” or most of the time… but I did fully support her standing up to Rinna that one time.

Eden concluded, “Do I regret yelling at Rinna? Absolutely not, she had it coming. But do I regret the fact that you guys didn’t get to learn much about me this season because I was a bit scared? Absolutely!”

Who knows if Eden is coming back. Sure she is now an Vanderpump pet, but Kyle isn’t a fan of hers and she doesn’t seem to be close with any other cast members. Plus, she really had ZERO story line of her own. So she kept it real when she wrote, “If I have the chance to come back you better believe that you will see the real me! To know me is to love me, and I hope you get that chance!”

I’m on the fence about this one, but at this point, I would definitely choose Eden over some other people in this cast.


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