Shep Rose
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Bravo Stars With the Most Fragile Male Egos

Since the birth of the Real Housewives series, Bravo fans have been getting an in-depth look behind the curtain at the stars when it comes to leading ladies and sometimes their duds of men. Thanks to multiple spinoffs and an ever-growing network, viewers have also been introduced to the fragile male ego. Now, I am not saying every man on each show is juggling how to take down the women around him, but some within the Bravosphere can’t help themselves. 

The On Display Men

Joe Gorga/Instagram

Firstly, let me proclaim my love for Joe Gorga. He has come a long way since first starring on the show, but I’d be amiss if I left him off the list because, in 2009, Joey was hard to watch. Since Season 3 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe found himself front and center, which included multiple fights with his brother-in-law, fighting with Teresa Giudice, and trying to keep Melissa Gorga under his thumb. He used to act misogynistic toward his wife and daughter, and he was teaching his boys that it was okay to do so.

You also have PK Kemsley from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Again, while I like watching him now, it took multiple seasons for him to learn that in this world, he is the sidekick. Who could ever forget the season he made all about him after sneaking a peek at Erika Jayne’s “pretty little puss,” as his wife, Dorit Kemsley, so aptly called it? No one likes to feel like their identity is being threatened with these two proving that theory so effortlessly.

The Shy Guys

Jim Edmonds/Instagram

Perhaps the most underrated worst husbands are the husbands that barely showed up and used the show to keep their wives busy, and I’m looking at you, Jim Edmonds. Most of the time, Jim wanted nothing to do with the OG series, and it was pretty hard to watch how badly he treated his then-wife, Meghan King Edmonds. The man has had four marriages, which should scream volumes to any woman on the prowl. Jim was often set in his ways and hated when his schedule was disturbed. 

The Housewife Collector

Harry Dubin/Instagram

We’ve all seen the Bravo dudes who can’t help but try and collect the housewives to build up their egos. Harry Dubin and Tom D’Agostino both dated Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Luann De Lesseps, Historically pitting women against one another. Both chased after the RHONY ladies in an attempt to seek validation and affirmation from others to feel important and valued.

The Charmers

Shep Rose/Instagram

The Peter Pan syndrome was cute in the beginning, but the men of Southern Charm have abused their Lost Boys spirit. Both Shep Rose and Austen Kroll act as if they are freshmen in high school as they try to score as many dates as possible. Watching Austen lash out because a girl you said you don’t want to be exclusive with brought a date somewhere was the epitome of the fragile male ego. Shep and Austen are two of the most reactive men in the series who feel their philandering ways are just a part of the admission fee to the boy’s club. Both men have a problem with lashing out without even trying to process any of their emotions. Both need to learn how to deal with it because it’s just embarrassing to watch.

The Con Men

Tom Sandoval/Instagram

Between the cringey crocodile tears and the inability to take accountability for himself, there was no way I could leave Tom Sandoval off this particular list. Even before Scandoval, Tom had an over-inflated ego, which he helped blow up by opening two bars with his name on them and starring his own cover band. Scarier than anything else, Tom lacks empathy to a degree I’ve never seen. I’ll never forget how he ditched Ariana Madix in Season 3 to go play in the dirt with bulldozers instead of comforting her—literally the number one worst guy in the group.