PK & Dorit talk Pantygate

Dorit Kemsley Defends Her Husband; Thinks Lisa Rinna “Caused A Lot Of Arguments”

Apparently the phrase “British humor” is the go-to excuse to defend questionable behavior on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They get to say whatever is on their mind, but they got off consequence free under the guise that the insult was uttered in good fun. I have no idea how Dorit Kemsley thinks that she can get away with British humor since she’s a Connecticut native, but it’s actually working out pretty well for her.

She managed to make this entire season about her and it was only her first year. Clearly, this is a woman who knows how to navigate a social circle. Props to her. Sure, she brought down my girl Erika Girardi in the process, but I have to admit that she really knows what she’s doing. Love her or hate her, she was meant to be a Housewife. That’s for damn sure. She knows how to stir the pot and she looks good doing it.


I doubt that I’ll ever be the president of a Dorit Kemsley fan club, but I have to admit that she’s an asset to this show. Aside from the incessant chatter about Kim Richards– who hasn’t been a Housewife for TWO seasons- Dorit gave the ladies something to talk about. From the questionable accent to the off-putting husband to the army of nannies, Dorit gave us something to watch and comment on.

I was an Erika Jayne fan right from the jump and it really killed me to see her at the center of Dorit-instigated drama, but if I’m keeping it real: Dorit earned her spot next season. The same can’t be said for the other Housewives who just promoted their businesses and talked about the same shit they did last year.

Not only that, but Dorit was lucky enough to be targeted by Lisa Rinna. Yeah, you read that correctly. I said she was “lucky.” Why do I say that? Rinna coming for Dorit in Hong Kong, questioning how much she trusts PK Kemsley, and accusing her of doing cocaine at dinner party made people root for Dorit. It’s like when Kanye West stole that microphone from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA’s. Sure, that was embarrassing and ruined her night, but she really owes him a muffin basket (or five hundred of them) because it brought so much support her way.

The feud with Erika has some grey areas, but Dorit against Rinna is pretty clear and that’s why Rinna’s bull shit was the best thing Dorit had going for her during her first season. Well that and the fact that she is a Lisa Vanderpump and has her support in return.

Dorit discussed Rinna’s shit stirring in her Bravo blog entry: “Lisa R has clearly caused a lot of arguments and drama with the ladies in this group, and I can see now that it was just my turn, probably as the new girl. I was an easy target. When she brought up the situation with me and Erika again, I couldn’t believe it! It was so obvious she was just deflecting and looking to get more people attacking me.” Rinna took that right from the reality TV star handbook.

Still, I find it tough to agree with Dorit when she claimed, “The insinuation that I have been talking about or torturing Erika the last four months is so preposterous, it’s almost comical. There seems to be a lot of fabricating story in this group sadly.” Dorit talked about Erika and her vagina several times. Other than name dropping Boy George, this is what Dorit discussed most frequently in the episodes. Come on.

On a lighter note, Dorit addressed her accent: “The way I talk…aka, my accent! How funny…who would have ever thought it would be such a fun topic of conversation for people?!  I personally couldn’t really tell the difference between my fashion show press video from five years ago and today, but, oh well.”

Still, it doesn’t seem to bother her since she admitted, “Having a laugh about it is fine. I know how to have a laugh and not take such silly things so seriously. Like it or not, this is me, so ‘nuff said.” Everyone is talking about her accent, so if that was the goal, then well done.  The accent solidified Dorit’s persona as a reality TV cast member. Sure, it didn’t make her seem the most genuine or likable, but she’s a popular topic of conversation.

And of course Dorit defended her husband PK. She wrote, “The most difficult thing for me about the finale and the first episode of the reunion has been how the women have spoken about and treated my husband.” I’m sure that was tough for Dorit to watch. Then again, I’m sure that Erika didn’t like seeing PK claim that he “didn’t mind the view” when he allegedly got a glimpse at her vag.

Dorit recalled, “Erika is the one who invited PK into our conversation with all the women. He did not insert himself in our conversation, nor did he feel it was his place to fight my battles, BUT he is of course as frustrated and protective of me as I would be of him.” Yes, Erika called PK into that specific conversation so it would be ridiculous to claim that he involved himself in that specific discussion. Nevertheless, PK did start this entire story line. He might as well be holding up a diamond in the opening credits. That’s how integral he was to the plot point.

Yes, I feel like he enabled the (annoying) pantygate story line, but I do understand why he would want to protect his wife if he felt like she was getting attacked. As a complete outsider, I didn’t think she was being attacked and felt like she really knew how to hold her own with a tough group of ladies, but if he saw it that way, then I get it. Still, caring about your wife doesn’t take away from the fact that you made jokes about another woman’s vagina multiple times on a popular reality TV show.

Nevertheless, Dorit maintains, “He, much like me, likes to lighten situations with a laugh. We have a lot of banter in our house and in our lives, and we are surrounded by people of the same nature, therefore the assumption that he’s anything other than sweet, gentle and kind is unwarranted and without any basis. He is the furthest thing from a nasty person, in fact. Anyone that knows him would laugh that off as a joke.” Ah yes, those British “jokes.”

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