Naomie Olindo Talks Tension Between Craig Conover & Shep Rose, Sexism Against Kathryn Dennis, & Difficulty Understanding Landon Clements

Now that Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover are such a solid couple, she is bigger part of Southern Charm and I’m into it. So far, she’s not involved in the drama, but she provides some interesting perspective.

Naomie explained why the cast targets Craig and the disconnect between Craig and Shep Rose. She defended Kathryn Dennis as a parent. She also tried to make sense of Landon Clements… which is quite the task.


Naomie shared her thoughts with Stassi Schroeder during an interview on her Straight Up With Stassi podcast. Stassi asked about Craig’s gardening and his other hobbies. Naomie clarified, “During that time he was finishing his thesis.” She explained, “When he was filming, they’re not gonna film him sitting at his desk all day. So they’re like ‘Go do what else you would be doing if you weren’t writing or reading.'” And I guess that’s where the gardening and carpentry comes in.

Naomie theorized, “I think Craig is kind of an easy target for them- maybe. It’s kind of a double standard. Craig doesn’t have the goose egg that a lot of his cast mates have. So I think that’s just like a point that they have that they feel like they could be harder on him.” They’re also just desperate for a story line. So many of them contribute nothing to this show- all they have to offer is hating on Craig.

Stassi asked if Craig did something to offend Shep that no one else knew about. Naomie said, “No never. I’ve had this whole internal kind of debacle trying to figure out what it was.” She admitted, “I really was like pissed about it. The thing with Shep, he’s a really nice guy. It’s just something he has against Craig. I think he just doesn’t like that Craig gets by and likes his life. I don’t know how to explain it.”
Naomie said, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but Craig and Shep weren’t really friends before the show. They got brought together by Whitney. They didn’t know each other before they started filming, so they don’t have that background of a good friendship before shit hit the fan. It’s just always been like this.” Now it makes more sense.
And I couldn’t help laughing out loud when Stassi interjected with this comparison: “It’s like me and Scheana [Marie]. Scheana and I were never friends before the show. I met her on the show and had issues with her on the show.”
Then the conversation moved to Kathryn and the constant criticisms against her as a mother. Naomi declared, “It’s such a double standard. It’s kind of sickening.” Still, she actually owned her shit and admitted, “I’ll be honest with you, I’m guilty of that too because while they were filming and everything I remember thinking ‘Good for Thomas [Ravenel]. He’s really stepping it up.’ And then watching it back, I’m like ‘Oh my gosh. I’m being a sexist and that’s the last thing I would ever want to be.'”
Naomie said what we were all thinking: “Thomas isn’t a bad dad. Kathryn’s not a bad mom. They’re just really fucked up.” And they’re the only reasons this show has survived for so long. It looks like Kathryn might have a redemption story this year since Naomie said, “I think Kathryn will hopefully come out of this season looking good. I think everything went okay for her. Thomas, I have no idea.”
Stassi spoke for most of the viewers when she declared, “I don’t get Landon. I never have.” Same, girl. SAME. Naomie responded, “I know you’ve tried really hard. A lot of people don’t get Landon. She’s hard to understand.” Other than this “did they or didn’t they?” story line with Thomas, Landon brings nothing to this show. But then again, the same can be said for most of the cast.
Naomie said that she liked Landon a few times in different ways, but she also explained, “Wishing ill on someone takes it to a whole new level and I think you can kind of get that from Landon- having bad intentions.” Bad intentions and a thirst for camera time. Thankfully, Naomie seems like a gem and a half and I’m just hoping for more Naomie and less Landon. Naomie admitted, “I don’t get her either.” No one does…. except for Thomas… maybe… probably.
Still, Naomie had some sympathy for Landon. She revealed, “She’s having a really tough time. There’s literally not one nice tweet to her.” She said, “I literally texted her this morning ‘How are you doing? If you need a friend, you can call.'” But at the end of the day, Naomie kept it real and said, “She does it to herself, but still.”
I know that so many people love to shit on Stassi for her Vanderpump Rules antics, but she really is such a good podcast host. She needs to make this a daily thing. Trust me on this. It’s a whole different Stassi than you get to see on Bravo. Totally worth the listen.
Stassi really hit the nail on the head when she explained why pretty much no one is a Landon fan: “My issue was when I watch it is the fact that I feel like she’s always lying and gets completely caught. When you do make a mistake- especially on TV- owning up to it, everybody forgives you.” Seriously, Landon. Slide into Stassi’s DM’s for advice. If Stassi could come back to her show after shitting on the entire cast, then she obviously knows a thing or two about redemption.
Tonight is an all new episode of Southern Charm. Join us in the comments for all of the snarking at 9/8 CST! Tonight’s synopsis: “Kathryn struggles with supervised visitation with her children as Craig judges Thomas’ parenting style. However, while Craig meddles in the affairs of his friends, his life with Naomie is slowly starting to fall apart. Meanwhile, at Shep’s 37th birthday party Whitney confronts Landon about her true feelings for Thomas, while Cameran tries to convince Shep it’s not too late to win Chelsea back before she sails off into the sunset with Austen.”
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