Lala Kent Talks Katie Maloney’s Reunion Apology And Her Disconnect With Stassi Schroeder

Even though Lala Kent (supposedly) is not returning to Vanderpump Rules, she has been doing a ton of interviews about the show and her (former?) costars. I don’t believe for one second that Lala’s time on Vanderpump Rules is done with.

Even though Lala refuses to reveal anything personal about her personal life on the show, she does say some outrageous shit and she finally has friends, so it just makes sense for her to return. Whether she comes back or not, one thing is certain: she will always have a lot of shit to talk.


Lala stopped by Olivia Caridi’s Mouthing Off podcast to continue defending her anonymous boyfriend and make it clear that she has zero interest in being friends with Stassi Schroeder.

Aside from the focus on Katie Maloney‘s wedding planning and rage texting, the major story line last season was Lala’s secret relationship and whether or not she was knowingly sleeping with a married man. Lala told Olivia, “I signed up for the show knowing that you can dig up whatever you want on me.” There was a lot of digging going on. Her costars went above and beyond to look for personal information about Lala. Lala said, “It’s almost like they didn’t care about me. They just wanted to dig into the dirt of who I was dating. And it’s like ok now you’re trying to get into someone’s life who doesn’t want to be a part of this.”

We get it, but it’s just frustrating when Lala’s only story line is about someone who will never appear on camera. Obviously this infuriated Stassi (who also had a boyfriend who refused to be on the show) and has had no qualms criticizing Lala for not putting her entire life on reality TV. Pot, meet kettle.

Lala discussed a comment that Stassi made about her: “That’s a really intense statement: ‘we bleed for this show.’ It’s not f-cking battle.” Yeah, but if you aren’t showing a major aspect of your life on a show about your life, then what are you even doing here?

I’m a little confused by Lala having such a major issue with Stassi when she actually battled it out with Katie all season (before she left without telling anyone). Weirdly enough, it seems like things are all good between Lala and Katie these days. Believe it or not, that apology Katie gave at the reunion actually stuck.

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Lala recalled, “I was in shock because I had such a tough time this season. To have her finally apologize to me because I know I was definitely in the wrong a lot of times, but I kind of shake things off and when someone says sorry all is forgiven and I forget too.” To be honest, I really couldn’t tell how genuine the sentiment was. Katie’s back was up against the wall and she was getting a ton of hate from viewers on social media, so she pretty much had to say something. Nevertheless, Lala declared, “It sounds so cheesy, but it was such a beautiful moment because I felt her actually being a real human being.”

Olivia said what we were all thinking: “How are things since then?” Lala answered, “Really good. She texted me the night of the reunion and said ‘I hope you know our truce is for real.'” Wow. Hell has frozen over.

Lala explained, “I don’t like having beef with people for no reason, but my whole thing is that Ariana [Madix] and Scheana [Marie] have always been very dear to me and kind to me so it’s a sticky situation. I definitely, definitely like Katie. If she invited me to do something in a group, I would totally go, but I just want to baby other friendships as well.”

Lala maintained, “I think the only person I see a disconnect fully with is Stassi,” which I kind of get since they’ve never really spent any time together. I’m just so confused by the intensity of the animosity between the two of them because it does not seem like they know each other at all. Then again, I don’t know any of these people and I have some pretty strong opinions.

Aside from the surprising revelation that Lala and Katie are actually cool these days, the other thing that was shocking from this interview is that Lala started working at SUR again. Wait. What? She’s so back on the show. I don’t care what she says .She will definitely be back. Or maybe that’s just my confirmation bias talking.


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