This season of Southern Charm really turned the viewers against Landon Clements and her appearance on the last Watch What Happens Live episode did not help her garner any fans. To make matters worse, she was there with (rumored) hookup Thomas Ravenel.

Andy Cohen was pulling no punches though. He didn’t let Landon weasel out of the questions that the fandom needed answered.

Andy addressed the elephant in the room- Kathryn Dennis– pretty much right away. He asked Thomas how he felt about her truce with Landon and he admitted, “I was bemused because one part of me wants her to be friends with Kathryn, but then the other part was confused that she was being friends at my expense.” Landon disagreed and said, “It wasn’t at your expense.” And then Thomas came through with an insult that I’m surprised hasn’t been used before: “I thought you were being Lan-dumb.” Andy couldn’t help cracking up.

The whole episode was just so confusing. Were Thomas and Landon on good terms or not? It was abundantly unclear the entire time. There was some chemistry there and also a great deal of tension. So. Much. Going. On. Andy told Landon, “It did seem like you kind of threw him under the bus there.” Once again, Lan-dumb said something that made little to no sense: “Yes, that’s fair, but I also just like want peace, you know? It’s enough.” Befriending someone’s baby mama out of spite doesn’t sound like the best way to achieve peace.

Then Andy turned his attention to Thomas and said, “As it turns out that night in your living room, you did kiss.” Thomas responded, “We did? It must have been a forgettable kiss. I don’t recall.” Was he shading Kathryn or was he just seriously failing at being coy?

Andy read a question from a viewer that all of us wanted an answer to: “Do you have separate rooms in New York City or are you together in a room?” Landon joked, “We have our own suite.” Thomas added, “We have queen beds which we pushed together.” Then he said, “We’re in the same hotel. I’ll leave it at that.” I wish I was watching Kathryn watch this exchange. She must have been livid.

The interview just kept getting better though. Andy really put Landon in her place when he inquired about giving her travel site a name with a taken domain. He asked, “Didn’t you do your research before your startup?”  She said, “Yes and it was, but I continued anyways.” Wait. What? Andy asked, “You did your research and you saw it was taken, yet you continued anyway?” As expected, Landon didn’t have an answer that made sense to that question, but she did say, “You can still name your website anyway. was the queen’s horses. It’s the Royal Mount Museum. So I didn’t think anyone would confuse me with the queen.” Alright then.

The night continued to go down hill for Landon even though she never seemed to notice. A viewer called in and asked, “Do you know that you’ve looked like a gold digger all season long?” All she had to say was,  “I don’t think so.” Solid defense there.

When asked about his status with Kathryn and his current dating situation, Thomas said, “My relationship with Kathryn has gotten a lot better. We communicate. We’re civil. We’re cordial to each other. There’s no animosity. I am not at present dating anyone seriously.” I wonder if that’s true after Kathryn watched this episode.

The Landon bashing was far from done though. A fan called in and said, “I want to know what Landon meant by ‘no girl code.’ I thought that was pretty odd.” And once again, Landon did a poor job of defending herself because she said, “That’s fair. I just think that I live by a ‘do the right thing all the time’ code so I don’t think I need to differentiate between boys and girls. I mean I never broke any girl code. I haven’t hooked up with anyone. So the whole girl code thing is just so tacky to me. People that have to reduce themselves to that sort of vocabulary is not for me.” She really doesn’t get it.

She was even asked about the girls watching her flirt with Austen Kroll during the Key West trip. She responded, “I don’t know what I thought of it to be honest. I wasn’t flirting. That’s just sort of my personality. I know that’s not an excuse. I’m sad if that upset Chelsea Meissner or whatnot, but I think that made her realize that she has feelings for Austen that I don’t have for him.” Once again, Landon was being her own worst enemy with that answer. I’m sure her Twitter mentions were blowing up during and after the episode.

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