Eileen Davidson Stands By Her Belief That Lisa Rinna Doesn't Remember What She Said About Kim Richards

Andy Cohen And Lisa Vanderpump On Eileen Davidson Leaving Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Ding Dong the witch is dead?! Well maybe if you ask Lisa Vanderpump how she feels about Eileen Davidson leaving the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills that would be the reaction. But Andy Cohen – he’s disappointed!

Last week, Eileen announced her departure from the show, and well, at least Andy will miss her. “I love Eileen!” he exclaimed. But with Eileen leaving, “that means there is space for a new Housewife doesn’t it?” And that means a new direction for RHOBH. Fresh… um… birkin blood or something?

“I cannot confirm or deny anything at this point,” Andy told Access Hollywood about the possible return of Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof who were recently in Vegas with the cast. “I always want former housewives to come back …. so I would love it.” He also didn’t comment on the rumored addition of Teddi Jo Mellencamp but c’mon the proof is in the Instagram photo!

As for Lisa, she was far more direct in regards to her feelings about Eileen. Naturally, darling! Speaking from a Vanderpump Dogs event Lisa opined, “It’s always good to have the cast kind of turn over a bit. It, you know, keeps it fresh.”

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“Listen – I hope she’s successful in her future. She had a good time on the show,” Lisa shrugged, “but I didn’t get on with her obviously, so I’ve gotta be honest.” She did point out though that despite their rocky relationship Eileen was always supportive of her charity works and thanks her.

And moving on, again, to the Vegas trip, where the ladies were once again forced to oooh and aaaah over the aging Palms, Lisa laughed, “Of course I had fun in Vegas, and you know: what happens in Vegas comes right back home with you!” That includes RHOBH gossip, thankfully.

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On casting news, Lisa teased Access Hollywood, “I’m not allowed to confirm that or deny,” that Teddi Jo joined the cast, but you know we here at RT are excellent at reading the body language of Housewives. Lisa did admit that they don’t seem to be doing any additional casting, though.

Lisa also revealed that Adrienne was in Vegas “as a friend,” and explained, “having the OG’s kind of come in… it’s organic really.”

Well, it was also probably organic for Eileen to move on. So we’ll see, right?!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]