An Erika Jayne Book Headed Our Way! She Has Written A Tell-All Memoir

Right from the jump, Erika Girardi and her alter ego Erika Jayne were beyond intriguing to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers. From the much older husband to the fact that she has an alter ego and everything in between, Erika is always entertaining. Erika will share her life stories in a new memoir- published under stage name of course, so we know it’s going to be outrageous.

Even though the book is done, the Erika fans will have to wait until January 2018 to get their hands on it. In the mean time, Erika shares what we can expect from the memoir.

According to an article from People, Erika’s book takes its title from her Instagram handle: Pretty Mess. The book’s press release states, “Without Erika Jayne, Erika Girardi would just be another rich bitch with a plane.” Being a rich bitch with a plane sounds just fine to me, but adding a catsuit-wearing alter ego to that already fascinating situation sounds even more appealing.

People reports, “the book will recount her beginnings as dancer and singer. From there, it will trace her life leading up to the decision to join the other Housewives on RHOBH, life on set and her romance with her 32-years-older husband, Tom Girardi.” That’s what I really want to know about: the beginning of her relationship with Tom and how she went from being his waitress to his wife to getting him to fund her singing career.

Erika’s publisher Jennifer Bergstrom shares, “This book proves why Erika Jayne is a fan favorite: she’s fun and she’s fearless; and for the first time, she’s here to tell all.” Erika’s RHOBH costars (cough cough Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Vanderpump) have given her a lot of flack for being “cold,” so I can’t wait to see how open she is in her book. I just want to know “what she deals with every  night.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]