Andy Cohen is not the all-seeing/all-knowing Oz of Real Housewives. Although even cave dwellers without TV could’ve predicted Luann de Lesseps‘s divorce. Of course, Ramona Singer knew it, but Andy claims he was surprised by the news. 

Just like the rest of us, Andy learned of the Real Housewives Of New York star’s split from Tom D’Agostino on Twitter. “I didn’t not see it coming, but I didn’t see it coming,” he confirms.

“The wild thing is,” notes Andy, “[Luann] had just gotten all the other women in her corner and rooting for her. That’s what’s also really sad about this, you know? Everybody was on her team.” Then boom: marriage is terminated. Luann’s logic is apparently more backed up than the toilets at Villa Crumbles de Morgan.

Since calling it quits with Tom, Luann is now homeless, so she did what the rich do when they’re sad: hide in the neutral country of Switzerland for some spa days and TruRenewal Pinot rejuvenation. Andy, who spoke to Luann the day she left, praises Luann’s decision to flee and teases that the upcoming reunion will continue to be a wild ride centered around Luann’s love life.

Luann de Lesseps in Switzerland Post split

Above, Luann in Switzerland: “Just what the doctor ordered! #hiking #waterfall #timetomyself #happiness,” she shared on Instagram.

“You know, I think she very wisely is leaving the country to kind of gather her thoughts and get it together. I think it’s all happened in front of the cameras and, if you see the reunion, I think you’ll be surprised, because you’ll begin to see the first signs of cracks in the relationship at the first part of the reunion.”

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“The reunion takes on a new meaning when you know the ending of the story, frankly,” Andy tells ET Online. “So, it’s interesting seeing it through that lens … I look forward to talking to Lu about where she’s at as soon as I can.”

Andy also reacted to the drama surrounding Gregg Leakes‘ health. NeNe has been vague about what’s going on and the nature of Gregg’s situation but some rumors speculated it was a stroke.  “I hear he’s okay,” says Andy, “but sending love to NeNe.” According to Instagram, NeNe seems to be socializing and being a boss as normal.

NeNe Leakes & Gregg Leakes

Above, last week, NeNe and Gregg posed together to celebrate Todd Tucker’s birthday. [Credit: Instagram]


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]