Brandi Glanville Bashes Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards; Eden Sassoon Would Date Bachelorette Star Josh Murray If He Didn’t Want Children

After a tumultuous minute and a half on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eden Sassoon is done with the Housewife life. It’s probably for the best since it seemed like a brutal experience for her. Plus, now she can keep it real and shit talk everyone who she thinks has wronged her from the cast. And Eden has a lot to say about everyone.

Eden talked with fellow RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville on her Brandi Glanville: Unfiltered podcast about all things Housewives and her very public interactions with The Bachelorette alum Josh Murray.

“It’s so nice to just talk openly with a woman who sees life and keeps it real! I want Brandi Glanville back on #RHOBH Season 8,” Eden captioned the pic above on Instagram. “Please bring back REAL.”

Eden has been posting photos with Josh and other shirtless Bachelorette cast members and she even made a separate Instagram account solely to document their vacation. At the end of the interview, Brandi straight up asked Eden, “Did you have sex with Josh?” Eden admitted, “No, but I want to.” At the beginning of their talk, Eden said, “If he didn’t want children, I would go after it in a heartbeat.”

Aside from that Bachelorette crossover, most of the discussion was about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, of course. So obviously they had to discuss last season’s ultimate shit stirrer: Lisa Rinna.

Eden said, “Let’s be honest Lisa Rinna needs her paycheck.” Those dusters aren’t going to sell themselves. Still, even Brandi admitted, “Without her this past season, it would have been really boring.” With her, it was still really boring, but Rinna asking Dorit Kemsley if people were doing coke in the bathroom really gave me life.

The ladies continued throwing accolades at Rinna. Eden said, “She’s f-cking insane.” Brandi added, “She’s absolutely bat shit crazy.” How sweet.

They moved on from shit talking Rinna to throwing the two remaining original cast members under the bus. Brandi said, “I joke that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle [Richards] took last season off.” True, but why stir shit up when you can just coast and let the new girls do all the work? It sounds like an ideal job to me. As a viewer, I obviously want more, but if I were in their (super expensive Louboutin) shoes, I would also take the opportunity to just sit back and relax.

Brandi continued, “They didn’t do a damn thing.” And Eden agreed by saying, “Nope.” She also explained their rationale by assuming they said, “Let’s bring in Dorit and pawned her off to the rest of them.” Aside from Rinna’a pot stirring, Dorit’s pot stirring was the only story line we could count on. Even Eden admitted, “She’s great for what she’s doing.”

And of course they had to discuss the cast moving on without them. Brandi said, “If I went back right now, I would be telling everyone to ‘F-ck off.'” I feel like she’s already done that though? And Eden talked about how she felt when she saw a photo of the cast on a Vegas trip: “I saw a picture of all of them on a balcony and I just wanted to vomit in my mouth.”

Weirdly enough, the only person who reached out to Eden when she got the boot was Kyle. Eden said, “It’s interesting because on camera we didn’t really get along. She gave me the hardest time. Off camera and how forgiving I am, I get it.”

The only person who Eden seemed to end up liking was Eileen Davidson (who is not returning next season as well).

Eden shared, “Eileen and I had moments. She saw me for me.” Brandi agreed, “She’s normal.” And that is exactly why Eileen wasn’t meant to be  a Housewife. She’s normal, busy on her own, doesn’t need the money, and is actually a nice person. The only strange thing there, was her loyalty to Rinna (who has done a lot of questionable things). Eden remarked, “It’s very interesting between the two of them. They must have had a past life together.”

And then Brandi said what a lot of the longtime viewers have been thinking: “You want to see what happens like in Atlanta Housewives. That’s real shit. People are going to jail. New Jersey: real shit. It’s going down and everyone’s being themselves. It’s almost to the point where how many diamonds and rose can we have and fights over Kim‘s sobriety?”

Exactly. Kim Richards hasn’t even been a cast member for years and she is still the focal point of this show. They better bring it next season and keep Kim’s name out of their mouths.

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Photo Credit: Instagram